Everything You Need to Know About the Online Gaming Sensation of Bingo Jackpots

Right now, the gaming headlines are still dominated by the arrival of the next generation of consoles, with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X still rolling out. Of course, many of the headlines concern the limited stock availability around the world, with some announcements and launches of next-gen games in between.

With the next-gen of console gaming slowly arriving for early adopters, there’s an even larger world of PC and mobile gaming being enjoyed en masse. Perhaps one of the strangest gaming trends to come to the fore here, though, is that of the great British pastime, bingo, which has somehow revived itself.

So, what’s there to know about the bounce-back of bingo and its sudden online popularity?

Becoming a modern gaming platform

Anyone who digs into the sudden resurgence in the popularity of bingo will find them landing on one page that acts as the prime example, this one: https://bingo.paddypower.com/c/bingo-jackpots. It’s the bingo jackpots page, which shows how the platform that once offered just online bingo lobbies has since integrated the biggest and most eye-catching titles of the gambling gaming genre, jackpot slots.

These bingo jackpots combine with the bingo games to create an all-encompassing, widely appealing offering. Bingo is known as being a low-pay, low-win game that’s all about the thrill of hearing your numbers called. Jackpot games, on the other hand, are fast-paced, often offer more regular payouts, and boast gigantic, sometimes ever-increasing, jackpot prizes.

Not only do the bingo jackpots offer an additional format of entertainment for bingo dabbers, but they also appeal to those who wouldn’t usually play the classic game. Just by arriving on the jackpots page, some players will then try their hand at bingo, helping to bolster it further.

Of course, for these gamers, it’s more about the progressive jackpots of games like Dynamite Digger Jackpot, Tiki Treasures Megaways, Ave Caesar, Dragon’s Luck, Vikings of Fortune, Tridentia, and Reel Heist. Further fuelling the popularity behind the bingo jackpots is the multiplayer aspect. At any time, the massive jackpot can drop, be it daily or completely randomly for an unknown spell.

Expanding into jackpot gaming boosting bingo

IGaming (the entertainment medium of online gambling) is trendy in the UK, but bingo always struggled to make an impact. Likely due to it being slow to moving online, and its low cost of entry, bingo only recently became a larger piece of the pie. In the most recent report here https://beta.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/statistics-and-research/, it was found that iGaming is the largest combined sector, with slots making up the glut of the £3.2 billion in gross gambling yield (GGY) via online casinos, and online bingo growing to £176.8 million.

It’s the infusion of leading progressive jackpot games that inspire a sense of multiplayer competitiveness that has propped up the platforms, contributing to a total £5.7 billion industry. By comparison, video game revenues from mobile, PC, and consoles amounts to £4.0 billion in the UK, as shown by https://newzoo.com/insights/rankings/.

While the traditional game of bingo takes a back seat, at least GGY-wise, the platforms that are hosting them have soared in popularity by sporting jackpot slots. In turn, the spinners are often seen dabbling in the classic British pastime of bingo, with it being readily available on the same online platform.

With bingo both pandering to hipsters, as shown here https://www.theguardian.com/business/, for live events, and giving online gambling gamers what they want, it’s been able to mount an unprecedented comeback to become a gaming sensation.

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