Slingo Vs. Slots: Chances To Win

There seems to be a long-standing debate between casino citizens over two popular casino games. The discussion is centered around the nature of these games and their gameplay process, as well as their winning potentials.

And what we have discovered is that having adequate knowledge of these two areas helps settle the debate. A proper digest of the nature of the games, as well as their winning potentials, makes the decision a lot easier. These games are the Slingo game and the Slot game. We will kick off this article with the Slingo game.

Slingo Game: Nature of the Game and Gameplay

With your knowledge of the high-profile lottery game called Bingo and slots, it becomes easier to understand the hybrid product called Slingo. Slingo was originally a brainchild of a New Jersey business mogul who launched it on the AOL platform back in 1996. Against the odds, the Slingo game became widely accepted by a lot of players due to its easy-to-play nature.

The Slingo game is a mixture of bingo with slots. Put merely, Slingo is an online hybrid game that combines features of a regular bingo game in a slot game world. This hybrid effect provides you as a player, a gaming environment with a blend of the standard bingo game of 75 balls with significant features of the slot game on parade.

Usually, non GamStop Slingo games come with a 5×5 grid and slots reels right underneath it. You can play the Slingo game online and stake real money. Slingo is an exciting game due to its layout and the fact that it is easy to learn and play. The game is played in two necessary steps:

  • Input Your Stake. You first have to stake, with real money, of course. Afterward, you will be provided with a number of spins to play the game within a particular time frame. You can still buy extra spins during the game.
  • Spin The Slot Reels Below Your Grid. Below your grid lie some slot reels that you are to spin as a part of the game.
  • Check Out The Reels For The Selected Numbers. After spinning, check to see if the grid has any of the chosen numbers showing on the reels. This is just as you do when you play bingo.

In Slingo, the amount of game points you acquire is what determines your winning. As you play the game, you need to know the difference special symbols make. Watch out for them while playing the Slingo game. Once they display on your reels while playing, you stand a chance to get instant bonuses to increase your wins. Some special game bonuses can improve your winnings. The symbols in the slingo game are:

  • The Joker
  • Free Spins
  • Gold Coin
  • Super Joker

Slingo games also satisfy players who enjoy exploring a variety of options. Aside from the classic Slingo, the game also parades a list of multiple slot-inspired variants like Slingo Reveal, Rainbow Riches, and Slingo XXXtreme.

Slot Game: Nature of the Game and Gameplay

Now, on to slot games. Slots have now become the new wave in casinos, unlike what was the case a few years back. Slots for GamStop customers are also easy to learn and play. Just by dropping coins in the machine and either pulling a handle or by the push of a button, you can walk away with life-changing jackpots.

There are several symbols you can find on a slot machine. Symbols like:

  • Cherries
  • Bars
  •  Double bars
  • Triple bars
  • Sevens

The following steps walk you through playing slots:

  • Put in whatever amount you want to stake with, you get credits of the same amount in return.

For Reel-Spinning Slots:

  • Push the “play one credit” button continuously until the coins are up to the number you wish to stake with.
  •  Then push the button that reads, “spin the reels,” or in rare cases where it is a handle, pull the handle.

For Video Slots:

  • Select the number of paylines you want by the push of a button.
  • Choose the credits per payline by pushing another button.

The number of paylines varies from slots to slots. There are also features like bonus rounds, free spins, and scatter pays on video slots. The major attraction to the slot game machine apart from its easy usage is the jackpots slots offer. Slots’ high winning payout is courtesy the several special symbols it offers. These symbols increase winnings geometrically.

Finally, to the comparison of the chances of a win on both Slingo and slots. Regardless of the similarities between these two casino highlights, there are still landmarking differences. And, as regards the winning chances they both offer, you can deduce from everything above that slots rewards more. Even though there is only a slight difference, slots still have a greater chance of winning. 

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