One of the oldest blockchain games to launch DeFi networks

Blockchain Cuties Universe has been one of the first games based on blockchain ever launched, and it has been extremely popular, to the extent that it launched on five different blockchains in the two and a half years since its launch. Now, it is looking to take the next step in this market, and is therefore once again going to be one of the pioneers in the blockchain gaming space, by providing the benefits of decentralized finance to its users.

For those who have not come across it, Blockchain Cuties Universe is a game where there are different pets, represented by nonfungible tokens (NFTs), on different blockchains. There are various collectibles for players to try and gather, as well as multiple opportunities to trade these tokens with other players, and explore the game as well. There are also regular events and competitions in the game to create more opportunities for the players to win tokens and rare collectibles.

Before going into further details about this proposed new development, it is important to note that the Blockchain Cuties Universe is not the only entrant in the blockchain gaming space. There are many gaming studios and developers which have launched such games in the recent past, and this has been most evident in the online gambling space. This trend has been ongoing for quite some time, but has accelerated in the last 12 months, coinciding with the increase in popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies due to the increase in their prices. There are now many crypto and blockchain-based games available on online casino sites, with bonus buy slots based on blockchain being one example of such games, where players can even place bets via cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has helped improve the development of these games to a large extent, allowing them to provide better performance to players through faster loading times as well as rapid transactions, while also being nearly fraud-proof. All of these characteristics show why blockchain games are so in-demand, and this is only going to increase as more and more people get introduced to blockchain gaming in the future.

However, the makers behind Blockchain Cuties Universe have always been a step ahead, and so it is no surprise to learn of their move towards decentralized finance (DeFi). In doing so, it will become the first DeFi game which has the support of five separate blockchain networks, and it is going to introduce the Blockchain Cuties Universe Governance Token (BCUG) to achieve this goal.

BCUG will be a digital utility token, part of the Blockchain Cuties Universe ecosystem. It will be intended as the sole and primary utility token in this ecosystem, and will have certain transferable representations of attributed functions specific to Blockchain Cuties Universe products. It will be non-refundable, and serve as the medium of exchange between participants in the game, with the aim of providing a secure, safe, convenient mode of payment and settlement between players. It will also allow the game to support new mechanics, such as DAO governance, DeFi yield rewards, NFT upgradability and token-powered game development.

This will be a big step forward for the game, especially in terms of community development. Blockchain Cuties has been famous for its community-based users, with a large playing group which provides feedback and votes on various aspects of the game, which are then incorporated or changed as needed. Thus, the BCUG will help increase this, as BCUG owners will be able to lobby, vote for and suggest new game mechanics, in-game changes and updates, which will truly bring the power to the people. They will also receive a variety of in-game perks and advantages, while the NFTs could be interesting to hold for those outside of the game as well, due to its liquidity and ease of use.    

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