5 Tips to Take Your Game to the Next Level in Valorant

In this article, we’re going to see how to frag out in Valorant. A lot of people don’t know this, but your valorant rating gain and loss every game is decided by the rounds you win or lose by, the average rank of the players in the game compared to yours, and your Combat score. And the combat score is what we’re going to be focusing on improving because more kills, and more damage means a higher combat score, and a higher combat score means more ELO gain for winning and less ELO loss for losing.

ECO Frags

Ton of pro players use ECO frags in solo queue, but I rarely see the average player realize it even exists and that is looking for eco frags. What are eco frags? It’s when the enemy is broke and you have a gun advantage. Essentially, you know the enemy is trying to save this round. This is why it’s so important to hit tab at the start of every round, check the scoreboard, and pay attention to the enemy’s economy. When this is the case, you want to leverage your gun advantage by playing a bit more aggressive than normal. Be more willing to take fights. Obviously, you don’t want to throw the round by playing too aggressive and giving the enemy’s one of your weapons after you die.

Kill Hunting

This is one of the most common reasons players miss out on free kills and that’s hunting for kills when you have the clear man advantage or have clearly won the round. Too often, do I see players being way too safe when the round is clearly won, it’s like a 5v1, and they aren’t aggressively hunting the last player. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But then if I die it ruins my KDA” Well, when it comes to your combat score deaths aren’t calculated at all, and won’t affect your rank gain or loss.

So aside from making your KDA look good, deaths are irrelevant, and whenever you can afford it, which is usually, you should be sprinting around looking for that last guy, even if it ends up being a 50-50. When you’re hunting for kills in these scenarios a really useful trick is to check your minimap and look at the areas of the map your teammates have already cleared. Then, rush to the area of the map that is still dark and hasn’t been cleared by your teammates. This is the most likely location the remaining player will be.

Second Man

You should always try to be the second person into the bomb site because most people aren’t doing this correctly anyway, and your job is to kill the person that shoots at your entry fragger. Stay tucked in right beside your entry fragger and follow him like a dog while he clears angles and just be prepared to gun down anyone that peeks and trade him out whenever he dies.

The 2nd man has the best time picking up free kills when you’re entering the bomb site, and you usually have the first opportunity to get into an aggressive post plant to pick up an extra kill before the defenders realize what happened and there are a few problems it seems like everyone runs into when they start being the second man. First of all, you HAVE to be clearing the angles that your entry frag doesn’t and along this note make sure you’re paying attention to the enemy Reyna and Jett because they are very difficult to trade kill because of their mobility.


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This is my go-to whenever my teammates aren’t entry fragging, aren’t following me in to trade kill, or we just don’t have good team synergy and just can’t get things done. In that case I’ll start on the opposite side of the map, use my audio cues, and try to pick up kills on rotating enemies, or even just slip in behind the enemies. When they rotate to pop in behind them to help my team takes the site with me pressuring from the deep flank.

The biggest issue I see with people lurking is that they try to take fights way too early. Your team has to start getting pressure on their bomb site before you start to engage because when you take a 50-50 and lose, your team has lost full control of that area of the map, and now has to worry about their flank. When on the other hand you take a 50-50 and win, the other team usually has someone else on that bomb site early that knows their team is still safe. So while this lurker role is a bit nuanced to pull off, with decent timing it becomes way too easy to pick up a kill or two each round and start causing problems.

Flash Agents

Try abusing flash characters because honestly they are easily the best agents for picking up kills, because what better way to kill someone than kill them when they can’t see you? Now the best of the best flashers being Phoenix and Reyna, With Reyna being the solo carry queen of Valorant and the other flashers, sky and breach being a bit too slow to maximize the kill potential, and Yoru still being a little too predictable and early on in his career to know exactly how he’s going to work out.

Now in most ELOs, including immortal, people still aren’t used to looking away from phoenix flashes, and teams still don’t shoot the reyna eye for their teammates. So early peeks or camping corners with these two agents can lead to a ton of kills because teams are still pushing in way too early, not shift walking at the beginning of rounds, and not coordinating against flash characters.

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