A crash course in casino bonuses

Whether you’re a newbie or a casino connoisseur, what’s not to love about getting a little boost added to your gameplay, all thanks to the latest casino bonus? There’s a wide range of different promotions that are always on offer from whichever casino site that you choose to play on, but the key to truly getting the most out of them is doing your research and understanding exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Want to know more? Keep reading as we take you on a casino bonus crash course.

The Welcome Bonus

This is often the most common type of bonus that you’ll find on any casino site. It’s pretty self-explanatory in that this bonus is specifically designed for new players that are only just joining the site – as a way to introduce them to the games on offer and encourage them to get involved in the action.

These introductory bonuses can come in many forms, as detailed below. The following bonuses are sometimes also offered to existing players to promote specific games or more broadly, categories of the online casino. You can place a bet and get great bonuses by visiting https://bedstespiludenomrofus.com/anmeldelser/20-bet/.

The Cash Match Bonus

This kind of bonus is also very popular, and the way it works is quite simple. Whatever you deposit into your casino account will be matched in playable cash by the casino. There are often a lot of rules and regulations surrounding these bonuses – such as depositing a certain amount first or having to play through your deposited cash before you’re given the match.

The No Deposit Bonus

Again, this one is quite obvious. These bonuses won’t require you to deposit any of your own cash to reap the rewards, however, they will often be tied to certain games. They’re a great way to promote new games and get more players to try the latest additions to their gaming catalogues.

The Free Spins Bonus

This bonus can come under the same bracket as the No Deposit Bonus, and will also most likely be attached to specific slot games. Instead of playable cash or multipliers, these bonuses will dish out free spins.

There can sometimes be requirements for receiving these spins. If a deposit is required, you may need to play through your own cash before those free spins will be credited to your account or activated within the game that’s being promoted.

The Cashback Bonus

These are rare to find, but definitely worth looking for. With a cashback bonus you will get your wagered money back, if you lose. Again, as you’ve probably guessed, there will most likely be wagering requirements before you can benefit from this kind of casino bonus.

Q & A – your questions answered.

  • Can I win real money whilst using a bonus?

Most of the time, yes. But you will first have to meet the wagering requirements that have been set by the site. This means depositing a minimum amount of money into your account, and playing with it, before the bonus will be applied to your account.

  • Can I cancel a bonus?

Some sites will allow you to cancel bonuses, but you will need to read through the terms and conditions thoroughly. You can do this by either logging into your casino account and finding the option in your account settings, or by contacting the site’s customer support team. You should also note that a bonus will often be automatically cancelled if you try to withdraw your balance before you’ve reached the wagering requirements.

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