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Top Tips for Video Game Streaming

If you believe that gaming is only about playing games, well, you might be wrong. In 2021, you need to watch other’s gaming hacks, show off your skills. Gaming is no longer a solitary experience. With game streaming platforms, you play and show others what you got.

Why is streaming games so hyped? The number one reason would be that it is fun. Your friends and the gaming community watch live as you play. Not every gamer who streams and makes gaming videos wants to be a millionaire. They are simply passionate about playing it.

As we said, gaming is now a shared experience rather than a solitary one. Gamers are an online community. Start streaming games today and let us lend you a hand with it!

Top Streaming Platforms: How to Start Streaming

If you are a newbie, then streaming live games as you play might be a daunting task. But here, we will walk you through the streaming process step-by-step. To begin with, the setup process varies slightly from device to device. However, the basics remain the same.

Depending on the platform you choose, here is your streaming guide.

1.     Twitch

At this moment, Twitch is the most popular streaming platform. It works with Windows, Xbox, and PS4. And this is how you can start streaming with Twitch –

·        Download the Twitch app through the site. Create an account if you don’t have one.

·        A stream key appears. Copy that key. Remember, each key is unique to that account, so don’t share it with anyone else. The code links your streaming platform to Twitch.

·        Pick the streaming mode. For starters, you can stick to the basic mode.

·        Now, to broadcast the game, download broadcasting apps like OBS and paste the Twitch key here. Alternatives to OBS include Nvidia, ShadowPlay, and XSplit Gamecaster.

·        Choose what you want to stream, that is, a window, full screen, or an app.

·        Once you set everything up, tap on the ‘stream’ button to start streaming.

Game streamers use two monitors. They use an HD monitor to stream and a basic monitor to handle the streaming software. The gaming monitor has a high refresh rate.

2.     Mixer

Microsoft’s Mixer used to be relatively easy to use. All you had to do was open the Windows Game Bar and tap the ‘stream’ button to stream live. However, after the latest update, the direct stream option is no longer functional. This means the streaming process with Mixer is like Twitch.

·        Visit the Mixer website and sign up on it.

·        Much like Twitch, you will get a streaming key.

·        You can enter the credentials used for Mixer in OBS, thanks to native integration.

·        After you finish the setup, you can start streaming.

Mixer clearly has an edge in Xbox One. It is finely integrated into Xbox and supports USB cameras and mics. As it is a default option in Xbox and Windows Pcs, you can directly start broadcasting.

For iOS mobiles, you need to install the Mixer Creator app from App Store.

3.     YouTube Gaming

If you have a Play Station, then you are all set! Streaming from PlayStation 4 is relatively easy. You can use Twitch or go for YouTube Gaming. All you have to do is tap the ‘share’ on the DualShock controller and pick ‘YouTube.’ Enter your credentials, set up your streaming quality, and you are ready.

If you are streaming from Android devices, here’s what you can do-

·        Get the YouTube Gaming from the Play store.

·        Tap the broadcast button.

·        Choose the streaming quality.

·        Choose the ‘stream live to YouTube’ option to broadcast.

·        Go to the game that you want to stream.

·        Name the stream, describe it a bit, and share the link. You are all set to broadcast!

To display your face while streaming, you will need to get a face cam. For iOS devices, you will need to install Mobcrush to broadcast via YouTube.

Now before you stream, here is a list of essential equipment—gaming device, Webcam, gaming headphones, and stable internet connection. If you are streaming from devices like Nintendo Switch, you will need a capture card or device.

And if you change your mind or want to practice streaming and see how it looks, you can record your games with OBS or Gecata by Movavi.

Top tips for streaming games

And now, some tips to make your game streaming experience smooth.

1.      Put your phone on DND.

When you stream games through your Android or iOS phones, your entire screen is visible to the audience. They can also see your texts, passwords, and basically, every notification that pops up. This again interrupts the game, and constant notifications can be distracting. The best way to avoid this is to turn on the DND mode or turn off the app notifications from settings.

2.      Make sure your internet is stable.

A tardy and unstable internet connection can really take the fun out of video game streaming. Your game will lag, and ultimately your streaming would be disrupted. In the worst scenario, it will disconnect you.

3.      Draw a line

Over-sharing can lead to embarrassment. Spending time with your gaming buddies is great, but you need to reserve some space for your privacy. Don’t share what they don’t need to know. Whatever you say or do goes unedited because you are live.

Make sure that your background reveals nothing personal about you. While sharing your desktop or mobile screen, ensure that other apps and social media handles are closed or hidden.

4.      Play what you love

Don’t join the bandwagon and start streaming PUBG or COD Mobile. If you are not passionate about what you play, your videos are unlikely to come out looking great. Instead, go for the games that you love. If you still love Prince of Persia or Roadrash, stream it!

5.      Consistency matters

You will enjoy streaming a lot more if your followers grow. And one of the best strategies is to share the streaming links on social media and invite friends. However, to maintain and keep viewers, you will have to be consistent. You can form threads on Twitter or form channels on Discord to chat with them.

6.      Talk to the viewers

Interact with your audience. After all, platforms like Twitch aim to streaming an interactive experience. Maybe you can give a shout-out to a viewer or co-stream with them. Reply to their comments and encourage them to speak up. You can also start a conversation in the comments section.

7.      Tweak your streaming look

At a point, it may seem like you need to level up your streaming game. And to do so, you can design it, add overlays or animations to give it a personal touch. You can add these elements through the streaming software. Further, you can plug in chatbots to interact and moderate the chat section. You can also add a more sophisticated touch to your face cam by using a softbox.

Other than this, you can make money by streaming games online. Twitch, YouTube, and other streaming platforms have features that let streamers earn through ads, subscriptions, and more. But in the end, it is more about the fun experience rather than money.

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