10 Skins Rust Players Like Best

Facepunch Studios’ Rust may be all about survival of the fittest, but there are additional options all players should be aware of. If you’re playing Rust regularly, you’ve probably noticed all those skins that add some style to your gaming experience.

Well, they serve purely aesthetic purposes in the game but can be used to make money too. Rust is known as quite a challenging game among players with brutal gameplay. However, it’s quite possible to add some flair to the gaming experience.

Over the years, Rust has grown quite a community, mostly thanks to releasing various skins that give the game a special flavor and add to the customization. Since you can sell Rust skins, let’s see the top 10 skins all Rust players like best.

Zap Slasher

The Zap Slasher is a sword skin that mostly reminds of Zeus’ Lighting. It gives the player no special power as it’s purely a cosmetic skin that changes the appearance of the default Salvaged Sword. In other words, you’ll need the Salvaged Sword item to obtain this skin.

Simply craft the item in-game to be able to apply the skin. Many players view Zap Slasher as a commodity, but the truth is all the individual items are effectively identical. If you look for it on the Steam Market, you’ll see players selling it at about $3. You can also obtain the item if you reskin with a repair bench.

Zipper Face

The Zipper Face is a bit terrifying in-game skin that keeps your enemies on edge. While the skin genuinely unnerves most players, it is a perfect item for scaring the living hell out of other players.

It’s quite creepy and rare, which makes it even more terrifying. The Zipper Face skin is also known as the Improvised Balaclava, and it’s probably one of the most horrifying face masks in the game. Since it’s so rare and very popular, the Zipper Face skin is quite expensive.

Scarred AK-47

Probably among the most popular items in Rust, the Battle-Scarred AK-47 is also one of the most popular weapons of choice in the game. It’s no wonder since you can find the good ol’ AK-47 in almost every other multiplayer game out there.

While there are about 60 skins or more available for this weapon, the Scarred AK-47 is one of a kind. This skin is an excellent catch since it doesn’t feature a stock. However, this is also what makes it expensive. In other words, this is one purchase you’ll want to make while it also makes for an excellent sale.

Cardboard Python

The Cardboard Python is a perfect match for your Python Revolver item. Players need to have this amazing and quite popular Rust skin in their Steam Rust inventory to apply it, while they can also apply it at the repair bench or when they craft it in-game.

This skin gives your revolver a slick and cool appearance, giving away the feeling of dealing with a sheer professional and a cold-blooded killer. If you want to make yourself appear as a real professional assassin, this skin should be your option number one.

Black Plate Carrier

Every warrior needs armor, and Rust players aren’t any different. If you’re looking for an excellent skin to upgrade your armor, look no more as the Black Plate Carrier armor is everything you need and more.

While it’s also a cosmetic item, this armor is a different and better version of the common base armor you get in the beginning. It improves your ability to absorb attacks with less damage. It’s a bit expensive but makes for a great purchase. Since it’s quite a popular item, it’s also high in demand.

Clown Bandanna

Bandanas are very popular in Rust as they are quite useful in getting that creepy and hostile look for your character. If you’ve been looking for a way to add some terror to your appearance, the Clown Bandana could be the best solution.

Aside from being really creepy, it’s also considered to be the most scary-looking bandana in the game. This skin is quite popular, which also makes it expensive.

Chieftain Shotgun

Give your Pump Shotgun a real professional and tactical look by getting the Chieftain Shotgun skin. Considered to be one of the cheapest skins in the game, this item gives your shotgun that menacing look your enemies will remember.

One of the greatest things about Rust is that you can fully customize your character to a point where you can’t almost recognize them. Most people who buy the Black Plate Carrier body armor also value this shotgun item. It’s easy to market and trade since it’s amazingly popular.

Tampered Mask

The Tempered Mask is a metal facemask that has danger written all over it. Many players and skin traders consider it one of the most terrifying masks available in Rust.

Essentially, the Tempered Mask is another piece of armor in your arsenal that has one more purpose aside from protecting you – to instill fear in the hearts of your enemies.

It’s quite popular among players, which also makes it pretty expensive. If your goal is to sell Rust skins, this one should definitely fit your collection.

Demonic Pistol

With such a menacing name, the Demonic Pistol is among the most popular items in the game and one of the few skins featured on the front page of the marketplace. This pistol is so creepy that it resembles a weapon you’d find in the arsenal of a Predator Hunter.

Since it’s so popular and scarry, this skin is extremely expensive, reaching almost a $500 mark. Still, this only makes it one of the most sought-after items in Rust. If you try to sell this beauty, you can expect to earn a good buck for it.

Native Bow

The Native Bow gives your hunting bow the appearance worthy of its power. It’s an excellent weapon that deserves a matching skin. While there are many bow skins in Rust, the Native Bow skin is among the top choices of countless players. Besides giving your player that cool hunter’s look, this skin is also quite a worthy item in the skin-selling market.


Now that you know about the top 10 Rust skins choose the best marketplace to sell your skins. Of course, you can sell them on the Steam market, but that will only allow you to earn digital currency that you can spend on Steam directly.

If you want to sell Rust skins for real money, we recommend you go with third-party websites like SkinCashier. Aside from giving you a safe and secure trading platform, SkinCashier also allows you to earn real money by selling Rust skins at the best rates in the business.

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