5 Features We Want in GTA 6

It’s hard to see GTA 6 coming anytime soon considering the ongoing success of GTA 5. I mean, really, how long will this game keep being in the top sales charts? It’s beyond crazy at this point. Well, whilst we wait for GTA 6, we can discuss features we hope to see in the next mainline Grand Theft Auto game. So, without further ado, here’s 5 features we want to see in GTA 6.

More RPG elements 

RPGs and open-world games enjoy an almost symbiotic relationship. Both genres compliment each other so well that in the last few years we’ve been treated to some amazing open-world RPG games. If there’s one thing lacking in GTA 5’s open world, it was a lack of RPG elements. In GTA 6, we hope Rockstar adds more RPG depth to the open-world and playable characters. For instance, in GTA San Andreas players could go to the gym to increase CJ’s physique. Similar RPG elements would add a layer of depth that felt missing from GTA 5. 

Iconic venues like the Casino returning alongside new venues

For years and years, the doors to the GTA Online casino were blocked with an “Opening Soon” sign that clearly didn’t really mean soon. Players speculated for years about what thrills would be found behind those closed doors. All that waiting came to an end when the Diamond Casino & Resort in the downtown Vinewood area of GTA Online flung open its doors. 

The casino proved to be worth the wait. Allowing players to convert their GTA cash into chips, there was a whole range of activities available for players to enjoy. Chips could be played at the slot machines, virtual horse races, at a variety of classic table games such as Poker, Blackjack, slot game and Roulette, and more. When you take a break, there’s always the casino bar to enjoy a drink at. 

The high-rollers can gain entry to the two circular VIP-only lounge areas located towards the back of the casino. Here, players can sit and smoke cigarettes, and drink either vodka or beer. Players with no membership or only the standard one cannot enter this area and will be turned around if they try doing so. The Casino is a landmark of GTA Online now so we wish to see it return even bigger and better in GTA VI.

Taking full advantage of next-gen tech

Given the gigantic scope of GTA V, it was no surprise to find it suffered from long loading times and some other technical issues. We must remember it was originally released on Xbox 360/PS3. Since we can assume GTA 6 will take that size and scale of the world to a whole new level, one thing we wish for is that we aren’t made to suffer with long loading times again thanks to the SSD technology inside the PS5 and Xbox Series X. 

We also hope to see GTA 6 make use of next-gen technology features such as ray tracing. Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 is still one of the most impressive looking games video game consoles have ever seen. We hope Rockstar set a new bar with GTA 6. 

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