How To Select A Smartwatch Based On Your Interests And Needs

Smartwatches have become appealing to many people thanks to the device’s ability to show the wearers notifications from their phone, eliminating the effort of entering a passcode, or even picking up their phones. Additionally, you can track your fitness goals through a fitness band that works as a smartwatch as well. Smartwatches have become more popular recently, and this means there are many brands and models, which can make the decision of choosing the right one difficult. In order to choose the perfect smartwatch for you, you need to be specific about why you need it. Read on to find out how you can cherry-pick the right smartwatch for your needs.

Fitness Band or Smartwatch?

There is a thin line between fitness bands and smartwatches, and it gets thinner with each model. However, fitness bands, as the name suggests, have better features when it comes to fitness tracking. A fitness band can record your steps, heart rate, GPS tracking, and sleep patterns, among other fitness-related stats, they are useful for people who are passionate about fitness. They are less stylish than smartwatches, but they are durable and able to withstand any physical activity you may be doing. On the other hand, a smartwatch becomes your phone’s interface on your wrist while maintaining simple features for fitness. Smartwatches have better designs and more features than fitness bands, so you have to ask yourself this question first: Do I need a smartwatch for fitness or for phone accessibility and features? Answering this question will eliminate one category from the decision process.

Operating System (OS) and Phone Compatibility

The type of phone you carry is a big factor in choosing your next smartwatch. For example, Apple Watch works only with iPhones, so it won’t be a good idea to purchase it if you plan to use it with an Android device. You have to check the smartwatch compatibility with your phone before purchasing any smartwatch. While some smartwatches work on both Android and iOS, the features may differ significantly. Some can answer calls, respond to messages, control volume. The tech-savvy team at is talking about opting for cheaper brands, as some smartwatches have different features to sync with the OS of your phone. The most popular smartwatch OSs are Watch OS by Apple and Android Wear by Google, and needless to say, each one is completely compatible with their respective phone OS. Other smartwatch manufacturers use their own OS which can be compatible with both, just make sure to know if they can sync well with your phone to be able to use your smartwatch efficiently.

Can You Use Your Smartwatch Without Your Phone?

Usually, smartwatches are worn to facilitate the use of your phone, but some models allow you to access phone features without your phone present. If your smartwatch won’t give you features without being connected to your phone, then you might need to find another smartwatch. Fitness bands usually don’t need a connection to your phone in order to provide features, though they need to be synced through Bluetooth to update apps and download music. You have to know how you will use your smartwatch to determine what the best option is.


With the increasing popularity of smartwatches, apps tailored for smartwatches are rapidly increasing, while existing apps like Instagram and Uber are being optimized for smartwatch use. Apple and Google have dedicated app stores for their smartwatch OSs and they contain thousands of apps that you can install directly from your watch. Check what app store your smartwatch uses as other smartwatch OSs have their own app stores; the number of apps available on these may be limited. Additionally, one appeal of smartwatches lies in the ability to customize the watch face. Different app stores offer different watch faces, so pick the one that offers more customization options.

Each person is different when it comes to their interests and needs, and when it comes to buying a smartwatch, you need to know exactly what you want from it first. Being stuck with a smartwatch that doesn’t meet your needs is a bad investment and a bad experience. All you need to do is ask yourself what you need it for, whether it is compatible with your phone, if you can use it without a phone, and the apps you want to use on it. If you have specific needs or interests, make sure to include them in your decision-making process. Smartwatches nowadays offer millions of options and features and you will definitely find the right one for you with a little research.

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