The Untold Tricks For Card Players – How To Win

Card playing is a love of many avid game players. Be it across the table from a friend, job-related, such as performing acts like magic tricks, or around the table in a serious, or not-so-serious game of poker. Whatever your love of cards may be, there is a likely probability that you enjoy winning too. Perhaps you are also tired of getting beaten in a game and want to improve your strategy.

How does one increase the chances of winning at cards? This discussion is going to look at some of the lesser-known tips and tricks to win the game you love. It will require some cunning skills and practice. If this sounds intriguing to you, keep reading as we will get into the nitty-gritty of it all.

Marked Cards

Did you know that there are cards that are produced with ever so slight markings that assist you in the game? This is especially applicable to those who work with cards such as magicians and performers. These cards might be marked in the form of minute detail on the print, that blends into the overall pattern. Or there might be a jagged edge on the one card, unnoticeable to other players. The folks at specialize in all things marked cards, from the cards themselves to the other devices and accessories. Some cards are marked using invisible ink that can only be read with certain ultraviolet (UV) contact lenses. More on this below.

Devices And Accessories

There are special UV light contact lenses that can detect markings made on cards, which the naked eye cannot pick up. These are known as Infrared Contact Lenses and your fellow players will be none the wiser. If contact lenses are not your thing, there are other options in the form of marked card reading sunglasses. There are multiple styles available to suit your personal preference and ensure you look chic while playing your winning trick. 

Shuffle Shuffle. it’s All In The Shuffle

There are many shuffling strategies to allow you to store a group of cards at the back, front, or center of the pack. It’s all in the agile and quick finger movements. You may need to practice these techniques for some time to ensure they become effortless and smooth so that your opponents won’t pick up on what you’ve got up your sleeve.

Self Defense Strategies

While the above techniques and accessories might sound great for winning at a card game, what about protecting yourself from other cheaters in a game? These contact lenses, glasses, as well as your naked eye can all assist you to detect any untoward playing. Make sure you read up on all the different strategies that one uses to pull a trick so that you are well-prepared on what to look out for.

Card playing using a set of select tricks is both fun and thrilling. The same goes for knowing how to spy when others are trying to pull tricks in a game you want to keep clean. No matter your interest, hopefully, this conversation has got you thinking about some ways you can up your game.

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