Best Guns in Garena Free Fire You Should Use

Garena Free Fire is currently gaining a lot of popularity all around the World. It is a shooting game that features 50 players that fight to survive till the end. The players take off from an airplane and as soon as they reach the ground, they have to quickly search for weapons to fight their enemies. They have to move quickly because the safety zone starts shrinking after some time. The last man standing wins the game. It all happens in less than 15 minutes.

While moving swiftly and having a quick reaction is the key to winning this game, the importance of the selection of the right weapons can also not be neglected. Free Fire features a number of guns that let the players attack their enemies. It can get tiring scoping out the gun that will help you in claiming the “Booyah”. But worry not. We have listed a number of guns that will help you in claiming victory without a doubt. If you want to find the best Garena Free Fire accounts and other game goods such as keys for the best prices, can offer it all.

1. AWM-Sniper Rifle

Nobody does it better than AWM when it comes to one-shot kill. It is undoubtedly the most sought-after gun in free fire because of its amazing stats. If you want to knock your opponent quickly then you definitely need this gun in this game. It offers high damage and less reloads time.

The AWM comes with a pre-equipped 8x scope which makes it all the more appealing for the players who are hungry for victory. The attachments that can be equipped to this rifle are Magazine, Muzzle, and Silencer.

The players won’t be able to find this rifle lying around just like other guns. This guy comes in an airdrop so the players should go to airdrops if they want AWM to hunt down other players.

2. AK 47- AR

AK47 is definitely the most popular assault rifle amongst professional players because of its high stats. It offers aggressive firepower and causes severe damage. AK47 features a range of 72 which is a lot. It offers high accuracy but players have to struggle a bit in order to master it because it is not easy to handle. That is because AK47’s recoil is more than a lot of other rifles and guns. But overall, the AK47 is a pretty decent gun with high damage and accuracy.

3 Scar-AR

If you need a well-balanced rifle with a bit of reliability, then you definitely need Scar. We highly recommend this one for beginners. It offers damage of 53 which is not much but is still more than a lot of guns in this game. It has a medium-range but high accuracy so it is a great rifle to hunt down your medium if he’s in the medium range. It also features less recoil which makes it a great gun to use for beginners as well as the pros.

4. Gatling-LMG

LMG stands for Light Machine Gun. It is a heavy gun with high firepower. This machine gun offers a higher magazine to avoid reloading continuously under crucial circumstances. It is a reliable gun both in the terms of range and damage. The accuracy of this gun is also pretty high and can prove lethal under hard situations.

 It offers medium-range attacks which are pretty decent. This gun does not offer any place for more attachment which leaves no room for improvement. But more improvement is not necessary with this one as it is already very reliable.

5. Groza

We can call this gun an all-rounder because of its perfect stats. It is highly stable and has high damage. It works well in close-range as well as from a distance. It has an above-average fire and accuracy rate which makes it an overall decent gun for assault. Groza is also very easy to operate and master. Its durability is another great feature that makes it a highly effective gun to take out enemies. This one is also found in airdrops and is very rare.

6. M4A1-AR

M4A1 offers the highest range, 77, which is higher than all other assault rifles in the game. It can hit from a pretty far distance with great accuracy. The recoil is also very easy to control. attachments like muzzle, silencer, scope, foregrip, and magazine can be equipped to it. Overall, this rifle is very well-balanced and has great firepower. This one is also highly recommended for beginners.

7. MP40- SMG

This one might not have high damage but it has a pretty high damage rate that will save you during crucial moments that require a quick reaction. It is perfect for close-range attacks. It is also very easy to handle and master because of its low recoil. All of this makes MP40 a very reliable gun.

8. M101

M101 can undoubtedly be crowned as the king of shotguns because of its amazing stats. It works well with close-range as well as from a distance. It is very easy to control because of its low recoil and causes heavy damage. The firepower it offers is insane. It is also the only automatic shotgun out there.

9. Double Barrel SG

Another great shotgun, Double Barrel SG offers a great range as well as great firepower. It offers lethal damage that is also very impressive. It works amazingly well in close range but is not effective if you fire it from a distance. Its accuracy is the same as other shotguns. It can also fire two shots at a time before having to reload it again.

10 P90

A submachine gun, P90 has a large magazine with 50 ammo. It has a fast rate of fire and works really well in close range. It can also work great in the medium range. This one is very easy to master and control. It can be found easily in the game. The accuracy rate of P90 is also great.

Our list contains all the guns that will help you get to the top without having to do any research on your own. Now you know which ones to use and which ones to avoid according to your playing style and priorities.

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