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Sometimes when you finish a good game all you want is more of it. One of those games last year that gave me that feeling was the co-op game Moving Out from SMG Studio and Team 17. Around a year later the team is back with some fresh new content in the form of the Movers in Paradise DLC. Let’s see what the movers are up to now and if it’s worth your time to get back on the job.

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For those that don’t know, Moving Out is a co-op multiplayer game where one to four players play as house movers. Your job is to go in and take every listed item out of the house and pile it into your moving truck. You can play the game alone but it’s really at its most fun when playing with friends. You are also timed and given medals based on how fast you finished the level. Trying to beat each level in the fastest time is stressful but fun unlike real moving which is just stressful. Of course, one of the things I liked about the original game was the helpful accessibility options that made it so that anyone could beat the levels and not have to get stressed while doing so.

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The brand-new Movers in Paradise content has our movers traveling to Packmore Island which is more of a tropical setting. In total there are 20+ new levels and even four new movers to play as which you can use in the base game as well. For the asking price I feel like there is plenty here to enjoy. The team didn’t just come up with new levels but new mechanics that you have to learn as well. Ladders require you to place them in order to cross gaps. Moving platforms require you to use your judgement skills to time moving across them correctly. Crabs will try to move packed furniture out of your van or just do other things to delay you. All of this is on top of some of the mechanics from the original game which is to say that there is a lot to deal with as you are dragging and throwing furniture while communicating with your teammates. The only real negative thing I can say about playing this is one of the same things I said about the base game and that is that I wish it had online multiplayer support.

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The game still looks the same visually but is now you get to see much more sand, water, palm trees and other tropical things you would expect. I still love the bright and colorful cartoon art style of this game as it’s such a jolly game to play with the family. The music also has more of a tropical/beach theme to it which is all you can really ask for. Trophy hunters out there will be glad to know that the team also included 12 new trophies to collect in Movers in Paradise. Many games skip adding trophies in their DLC so it was nice to see the team go that extra mile here. It’s a pretty easy list so long as you can earn all the gold medals although there are ways to make that easier should you need to.

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If you enjoyed Moving Out then I would say that the Movers in Paradise DLC is a no-brainer. It provides more of what you loved with 20+ new levels with new mechanics all while set in a tropical paradise. It will likely lead to some more heated play sessions with friends and family but that’s part of the fun.  

*Moving Out – Movers in Paradise DLC is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 4 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Moving Out - Movers In Paradise





  • More of the great co-op gameplay that the base game brought us
  • 20+ new levels that include new mechanics to learn
  • Fun and colorful tropical setting
  • Accessible enough that anyone can pick it up and enjoy it


  • Still no online support is a bummer
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