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Every once in a while, it happens that you scroll through your social media feed and a GIF or an image makes you stop and appreciate how clever it is. Sizeable is exactly one of those titles, with a pretty simple yet brilliant mechanic where you can shrink or grow certain objects in one of its many dioramas.

🎡 “Do you want to build a snowman?” 🎡

Sizeable is a charming-looking indiegame in which you solve puzzles by, you guessed it, changing the size of objects in the environment. For such a simple concept, it leaves a big impression, especially if you consider that most of the work was done by a single young game developer: Sander Ambroos. The studio backing this project, Business Goose, certainly seems to be one to keep an eye on, with a few budding projects that could turn out great.

The concept is simple; you have a few rotatable dioramas in which you can shrink or grow certain objects in the environment. The goal is to find three pillars to proceed to the next level, but they’re usually hiding behind a specific sequence of events, some of which are quite brilliant. For instance: by shrinking a tree to remove the shadow on a pond, the water evaporates and creates a cloud. The cloud generates wind when grown and blows away the sand that hides a pillar: pretty clever stuff!

Visually, Sizeable is a treat to the eye. While it uses simplified low-poly assets, they have a friendly pastel aesthetic to them that feels soothing and approachable, with a calming soundtrack keeping it all together. The levels themselves feel imaginative and have a wide variety of themes, from seasonal puzzles to submerging below the sea level or playing in a dark cave that requires a light source to even see what you’re doing.

🎡 “Under the Sea” 🎡

In total, you can enjoy 21 of these levels plus 4 bonus levels that require you to find a few hidden secrets. While the game isn’t very long (it took me about an hour to beat) there are also 21 hidden turtles for you to discover and it’s such a nice experience that you’ll probably want to play through it multiple times.

Final Word

Sizeable is a small game that leaves a big impact. While it may be short, it’s an unforgettable experience and the brilliant puzzles are sure to leave a lasting impression.

*Disclaimer: a Steam review copy was provided to us by the developer.

PS: Should you get stuck in one of the puzzles, you can use this guide:



Size Matters



  • Brilliant puzzles
  • Amazing mechanic
  • soothing visual & audio combination


  • I wish there was more
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