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What would you get if you mixed the really tough platforming challenges of something like Super Meat Boy with a quest to find a princess to fall in love with? The answer: Sir Lovelot from developer Sir Lovelot is a 2D pixel-art precision platformer where you are helping guide Sir Lovelot on his quest to find his true love. Does such a person exist out there for Sir Lovelot or is his quest doomed to fail?

Sir Lovelot’s world of Lululand is made up of four areas broken into 40 different levels. Across Lululand are towers where Rapunzel-like princesses live and Sir Lovelot must seek out gifts and bring them to them in order to convince them to lower their hair and grant him an audience with the lady. Much like a Mario game there really isn’t much else to the story beyond that basic quest so let’s talk about that precision platforming gameplay and how it holds up.

Any precision platformer lives or dies but how the controls feel and the controls in Sir Lovelot felt really good to me. There is a certain weight to his character that took me a brief time to get used to but after that I felt really comfortable with it. Beyond your standard movement and jump you have a dash ability that can be used on the ground or in the air as well as a double jump but you can’t use the dash off a double jump. There are also various enemies throughout the many screens you’ll pass through and you can deal with them using a gun that fires off projectiles in a short range from you.

Much like Super Meat Boy it isn’t just enemies that you have to avoid but various environmental hazards as well such as saws, spikes, and many other things. One hit from anything will kill you but thankfully death isn’t too punishing. This is because respawns are near instant, anything you collected you keep, and any enemies you defeated don’t come back. I personally enjoy platformers with some challenge to them but not overly punishing ones and Sir Lovelot felt just right in the difficulty department to me.

Each of the four areas you go through in the game has something that sets it apart from the last. Each one has different items to collect for your awaiting princess like lollipops or diamonds but also a different mechanic to learn to deal with. These include things like having to hit buttons or switches to move a platform or open something up as well as water which has you dealing with having to swim. This was probably my least favorite part of the game has your movement while in water is slow and it just felt like it didn’t fit with the rest of the gameplay.

The game didn’t take me but a little over 3 hours to finish but there are some things that can help you get a little bit more out of it. Every level has some hidden collectibles to find along with coins in order to finish each level at 100%. Finishing the level under a certain death amount also contributes to your percentage. It’s not a lot but if you are seeking to get just a little bit more time out of the game these optional objectives help. Something else that would’ve helped was more boss fights because outside of a final boss at the end of the game there aren’t any and that was disappointing.

Visually the pixel art graphics on display in Sir Lovelot are vibrant and pleasing to look at. There are so many pixel art games these days that it can be hard to stand out but what is on display here is solid. The game also has a fitting energetic medieval-esque soundtrack that fits our hero and some solid sound effects for every action that you perform. Trophy hunters will find 21 trophies to collect including a Platinum. It’s a very easy list and so long as you finish the game and collect enough collectibles you’ll have the shiny Sir Lovelot Platinum in your cabinet.

Sir Lovelot doesn’t do much of anything new for a platformer but it’s an enjoyable time for the few hours that it will last you. The levels are just challenging enough to not be boring and completing the optional objectives is something you can do to get a bit more out of it. Sir Lovelot’s quest for love would be a bit more enjoyable though if the team took out the water parts and deviated from the formula just a bit more.

*Sir Lovelot is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Sir Lovelot





  • Controls are responsive and tight
  • Vibrant pixel art graphics
  • Enjoyable music and sound effects


  • The water parts are a slog
  • Doesn't do a lot to set itself apart from other genre greats
  • Could've use more boss battles and variety
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