What Have Been The Biggest AI Developments in The Gaming Industry?

Artificial intelligence is gradually creeping into our lives almost imperceptibly. It is already so advanced that it seems fair to say that it is going to be one of the biggest pieces of technology as we move forward into the future. The gaming industry has long helped with the progression of AI, as Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in video games have become increasingly autonomous in recent years. Throughout gaming history, it is possible to pinpoint some of the major steps towards the development of AI in gaming.

AI Has Become Highly Advanced

Science fiction films have always cast fearful predictions on the future of AI, but it appears that there was no need to view the technology with such scepticism. It turns out that AI has become incredibly useful, and it is improving aspects of nearly every industry.

Take the sports betting industry, for example. Bettors are now able to leverage the power of AI to make better-informed bets. The Beth AI betting tool for horse racing offers a 150 per cent increased chance of profitability, as well as being simple and time-saving. It shouldn’t be long before these tools and systems are used across other sports markets. These systems are so useful in fact, that many established operators have incorporated these tools to enhance their services.

AI is also being used in several other sectors as a way to improve functionality. For instance, advanced technology is being used in entertainment services like Spotify and Netflix as a way to make highly tailored recommendations to users. We are getting close to a stage at which it will be possible to simply tell Alexa or Siri to play something that you want to listen to, and it will be able to select the song you had in mind.

The Most Notable AI Changes in Gaming

Of course, gaming has been one of the most important sectors for the progression of AI. Some people even think that the industry is heading towards being able to create full-scale simulations of the world – that’s if it hasn’t been done already and we’re currently living in one.

AI has been a crucial aspect of games since the early days, and it has been used predominantly to programme non-playable characters. It first became widely used during the late 1970s and early 1980s, which is considered to be the golden age of arcade gaming. In games like Space Invaders and Galaxian, developers needed to enable higher difficulty levels to increase the competitiveness among players. To do this, they made the movements of the enemies more unpredictable.

The technology came on leaps and bounds in the decades that followed. NPCs are an important aspect of open-world games, and nowadays they go about complex tasks in the background while players traverse sprawling landscapes. The extent of the progress made was highlighted in Red Dead Redemption 2, where the NPCs would go about full daily routines and react to different situations. In games like The Sims, the characters are becoming more human-like with every expansion.

It doesn’t seem too outlandish to say that with the way AI is heading, NPCs in games could soon have their own thoughts and feelings. This is quite a scary concept, as it will bring about ethical and philosophical questions when it comes to gaming. However, there will also be numerous benefits to having such advanced technology.

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