Everything You Want to Know about Unity Engine in 2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 18 years, you probably heard about Unity, a cross-platform game engine widely used for building video games and simulations for PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. Big companies like BMW, Tencent, and Pokémon Go all use Unity engine to power their products. But how did Unity evolve from a small application to becoming a leader in the mobile game development field? What companies can actually benefit from using this engine today? And how much of your hard-earned dollars you’re going to spend on Unity tools these days? Let’s find out more about one of the most popular game engines in the world from today’s article. For more information about Unity development, refer to a complete guide at https://litslink.com/technologies/unity-development

Agenda behind Unity

Unity’s story began on the OpenGL forum in May, 2002. And today, over 50% of mobile games and 60% of AR and VR applications are built with Unity. This alone can tell you how popular and powerful the engine actually is.

The first Unity version was published in 2005 with the goal of democratizing game development by making it more accessible to beginner game developers. Before Unity was introduced to the world, those who wanted to create their own video game had to choose between a few expensive options on the market that weren’t available to everyone. Needless to say, Unity has helped thousands of indie game developers bring their ideas to life.  

Main Rival

When it comes to the video game market, the most massive games, which are categorized as triple-A titles, are usually developed using an in-house engine. It is equivalent to building your own pick and shovel before digging for gold. But today, more and more video game developers, including both the smaller independent ones and big corporations, are turning to ready-made engines instead. And there are really two major ones of them – one being Unity, and the other one Unreal. You might have heard of Unreal because it’s owned by Epic Games, the company owning the massively popular Fortnite game. You might also have heard about it in the context of their war against Apple. It’s a rare game fan who has never heard of Fall Guys, Kerbal Space Program, and Hearthstone. Guess what? These iconic titles were created with Unity, while such games as Rocket League, Fortnite, obviously, and Mass Effect were created with Unreal.   

Answering which engine is better is quite a tricky, if not impossible, task. Most adherents of Unreal will argue that their favorite is better because it has better graphical fidelity and because most AAA studios opt for it for their projects. Unity proponents, in their turn, will argue that Unity is well-rounded and better suited for mobile game development. So, as with any dilemma, one should make a decision for themselves based on their project’s specific needs.

Who Can Benefit from Using Unity?

Unity’s customers are mainly game development studios of all sizes, including individual developers. There are many success stories of solo entrepreneurs, who created relatively simple yet addictive mobile game hits using Unity and managed to generate enviable monthly revenue with them. It’s not even necessary to be closely familiar with the game creating process and coding to start using Unity. If you have basic knowledge of game or app development, chances are you can still come up with a working and, hopefully, profitable app in several months.

Although Unity’s primary market is definitely video games, they have clients using their tools for totally different purposes. When it comes to creating 3D renderings, Unity may come in particularly handy. It can be used in design, architecture, engineering, product prototypes, manufacturing, and film production. Yes, Unity is also an excellent tool for creating cinematic videos. So, these are all segments Unity is going to take over in the nearest future.

When it comes to their revenue model, the engine is actually free to use for anyone who generated less than 100,000 dollars of revenue with their app. It means that you can start using Unity for free and even make up to 100,000 dollars with your project before you need to pay a monthly subscription per user. Unity also categorizes their subscription revenue as part of their Create Solution, but they also have other products, which are part of their Operate Solutions. They offer hosting and infrastructure services, voice chat services, and more. And you can purchase those services separately from the engine. 

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