Upcoming Sports Video Games You’d Be Mad to Miss

Sports games are now so realistic, they are almost indistinguishable from watching a real game

If you’ve ever seen a game of FIFA being played recently, you can’t have failed to notice just how amazing the graphics have become. EA has been responsible for many of the greatest sports games of all time, but their hold on this market is slowly being chipped away by other developers. You only have to look at the success of the NBA2K series and EA’s cancellation of their NBA Live 20 and 21 games for proof of this.

This can only be a good thing though – there are so many great sports video games being released this year that it’s hard to choose which to feature in this list. Nevertheless, we had to choose, so here are the best upcoming sports video games that you would simply be mad to miss!

MLB The Show 21

The first outing for MLB The Show on the next-gen consoles, this game is being released not just on Playstation 4, but the newest Xbox Series machines and Playstation 5 as well. Early copies of the PS5 games have already gone out to reviewers, and the gameplay is being praised as both realistic and fun. To quote: “You won’t find a better virtual representation of the sport”.

Pro Cycling Manager 2021

This is the only cycling simulation game to successfully combine management with actual racing in real-time. Take control of your own virtual team, or choose an existing one to lead to victory. The game features all 21 stages of the upcoming Tour De France 2021, a competition that is set to be one of the closest yet.

Fabrizio Bontempi, the current manager of USA Team Emirates, is being keenly watched by sports fans and bookmakers the world over. His team includes the number one favorite with important bookmakers such as Unibet Betting, Tadej Pogačar. With odds of +140, the bookies definitely show us that Tadej and Emirates are due to collect the yellow jersey this year!

Riders Republic

Ubisoft has had a rough ride over the years, with some of their games receiving huge patches on day one – a particular bugbear of many gamers, who have bought the disk and expected to get straight into the action. Things have improved though, and Riders Republic is one of the most hotly anticipated sports games of 2021.

Intended primarily as a mass multiplayer game, players will need to master cycling on snow, mud, and dirt to succeed in this one. You and your friends can make your own squad to take on downhill races or complex maps in team vs team competitions.

The single-player mode allows you to challenge yourself in special events and player vs player competitions. If you’d rather just ride solo, there’s a huge open world to discover – find the US national parks, Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Mammoth Mountain, and more. There will be objects to collect, stunt parks to ride, and mountain stories to achieve.

And if you didn’t know, Riders Republic features more than just cycling – you can jump on a snowboard, ski down the slopes, or even don a flying wingsuit and breeze across the game’s huge open world. We can’t wait to play this one.

Skate 4

The Skate series has been quiet for a while, but the recent smash hit re-release of the early Tony Hawk games in HD convinced Electronic Arts to return to this iconic series for a brand new skating experience. We don’t know much about Skate 4 yet, but the series is loved by skateboarding fans, and EA promises the game will be finished and released this year.

Video game insider Tom Hendersen promises that the Bone Breaker mode seen in Skate 3 will be returning in Skate 4, but promises it will be much more gruesome this time around. It’s not much to go on, but after the previous three titles in this franchise, it seems unlikely that EA will let us down with Skate 4.

FIFA Online 4

You may not have heard of this free-to-play version of FIFA, but it is hugely popular in the Far East. The last few titles have only seen a release in South Korea and East Asia, but that hasn’t stopped football fans from getting their hands on the game via Steam.

The FIFA Online games are a hybrid between normal FIFA and the Ultimate Team mode, and even features a cut-down version of the career mode found in regular FIFA. The rest of the world hasn’t seen a FIFA Online game since FIFA World in 2014. The latest iteration promises more features than ever before, and we really hope EA decides to give it a worldwide release this time.

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