Charlo Barbosa Talks Esports Potential in Emerging Markets

Charlo Barbosa is one of many CEOs paying close attention to the emergence of smaller markets around the world. Now that technology has been fully implemented and accepted in countries like India and the Philippines, there is an opportunity to create new relationships with customers. For the Esports world- an industry already growing quickly in the rest of the world- making a solid early impression can make a big difference.

Many believe that Charlo Barbosa is on the right path as far as where Esports is going. While the smaller markets might not have as much money overall, they start to add up, and companies that spend time building up relationships can really see the difference when the time comes.

Tapping into emerging markets

There are many places around the world just now getting the first wave of smartphones and mobile devices capable of participating in and viewing Esports. Whether it was financial limitations or Internet speeds, accessibility has just not been there in the past. With that lag, there are a lot of markets that are just now getting their first taste. What has been around in Esports for a while in the United States is just getting in front of people in countries like India and the Philippines.

The different ways to monetize Esports

Business insiders in the Esports industry love that there are plenty of opportunities to monetize Esports. Not only are there participants, but viewers are looking for content as well. Players can be competitive, or they can be simply content creators. With a worldwide market and the entire playing field leveling off a bit, there is a way for competitors to go against one another without having to deal with the travel often associated with traditional sports.

There is also the opportunity to get in front of a new generation of players looking for something different to keep their attention. For example, children in these emerging markets getting access to their first smartphone can get very much into Esports in general. All it takes is finding one or two opportunities that seem interesting and going from there. The opportunities are endless for those doing a deep dive into Esports.

What the future holds for online gaming and Esports

Charlo Barbosa’s GoodGamer Corp is one company that grows by the book. Eventually, more regulations will be involved in this field, and investors will likely be required to get licenses. Instead of handling everything without any thoughts on regulations, Barbosa believes it is smarter to play by the book early on. There will always be companies trying to push for something else, but they could be severely burned by not going most ethically when growing out their business.

Ultimately, Charlo Barbosa sees this as a huge industry and something that could have long-lasting effects. There is no sense in looking at this as something to simply make some short-term gains. Instead, it makes more sense to view this as an emerging industry that is not going away anytime soon. Technology is only going to improve, and more people will have access to sports in general. This growth is not slowing down, and the emerging markets are still just scratching the surface.

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