Impressively Powerful Gaming Laptops for Cheap

In the United States, over 244 million people play video games.

If you’re interested in joining all of these people and competing with them in the best games, you’ll need some great laptops that are best for gaming.

But what if you have a tight budget? Keep reading for the best gaming laptops for cheap!

ASUS TUF Gaming FX705

The ASUS TUF Gaming FX705 comes with a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 processor CPU. The GPU is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU. You’ll have about 8 GB of RAM on this computer, but you’ll only have 128GB of SSD as well.

The screen is 17.3 inches, with a 1920 x 1080 display. This laptop can run most games smoothly thanks to the 144HZ refresh rate. This should be enough for most people who aren’t playing in esports.

The laptop is not only fast, but the colors and the visuals are also bright and vivid. It’ll still be able to run heavier games, but it may lag just a little bit.

This laptop sells between $800 and $1,000, depending on where and when you get it.

However, for the price, this is a great, large gaming laptop that is actually cheap compared to some of the other more expensive options.

The keyboard is very comfortable, and you can also customize the lighting to match all of your other gaming friends. If you unplug the laptop, the battery will last you for about four hours, which is great for most gaming laptops around that price.

Dell G5 15 SE

The Dell G5 15 SE is around $800, but you may be able to find it cheaper in some places.

It comes with a 15.6-inch screen as well. However, you’ll have 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD storage. This computer also comes with a strong GPU to ensure that your game won’t lag.

The battery life is also great because of how strong the CPU is. For most games, it will last for about seven hours before you’ll need to plug it in again.

One advantage of this computer is that the keyboard is comfortable enough that you won’t need to get an extra gaming one.

Lenovo Ideapad

Lenovo is great at making high-quality, affordable laptops, and the Ideapad is no different. You can find this laptop at places for under $500.

It comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U processor. There are also 218 GB of SSD and 12 GB of RAM inside to hold all of your installed games.

If you need more storage, you may want to get a different laptop or invest in some external hard drives.

The screen is 15.6-inches like the others, and it has a 1080 pixel display. It comes with Windows 10 as well, which is perfect for those who are familiar with it.

However, this laptop does weigh a little bit heavier at around five pounds.

This laptop is great for running games that aren’t as demanding, such as Fortnite, Dota 2, Rocket League, and League of Legends. However, for these games to work, you might have to use a medium frame rate setting.

HP Gaming Pavillion

The HP Gaming Pavillion is a good rival for the Lenovo Ideapad. However, it’s almost double the price at some places.

It comes with a 2.6-GHz Intel Core i7 processor. There is an Nvidia GeForce GTX GPU, and about 12GB of RAM. This also comes with a 256 GB SSD.

However, this is a great laptop for people who are just getting into the world of gaming. The powerful processor combined with the GPU will give you great battery life that will last you about six hours.

It’s also very portable and sleek, which is great for a gaming laptop that is under $1,000.

Acer Aspire

Acer is also another great competitor in the gaming laptop world. It comes with an AMD Ryzen 3 2200U processor. In this processor, you’ll find a Vega 3 integrated graphics card.

Unlike the other computers that have an SSD, this computer comes with 1TB of a hard drive. You’ll also have about 8 GB of RAM.

Many people love this laptop because you can find it for around $800, and it has good gaming laptop specs for the price.

This laptop also comes with a 15.6-inch screen, but the resolution is a little bit different than what most laptops offer. You’ll find it around 1366 x 768 resolution. Because of this, it might not have as sharp of a display, but it will be easier to run games on.

That’s because if the resolution is higher, that means the GPU will have to work overtime in order to give you a clear screen. So the lower resolution will make it faster to run most standard games that you could download today.

If you wanted this laptop, you could always scale the resolution to 1080, but the picture still might not be as clear as the normal setting. Some people have also bought this and then replaced the screen, but for the cost, you would be better off buying a 1080p laptop.

While these are all great laptops to consider, make sure you check out these laptops as well during your search!

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These are only a few of the best gaming laptops for cheap, but there are many more affordable gaming laptops out there!

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