World Splitter Review – PlayStation 4

Every now and then when I want to take a break from playing more action focused video games I’ll sit down with a good puzzle game that requires more use of my brain. I’ve played a lot of them over my life and so I always enjoy when a new one comes along that present’s new ideas. World Splitter from publisher Bumble3ee and developer NeoBird is the latest one I sat down with and it’s available now on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. It’s a game with a pretty simple idea but actually completing the levels within is anything but.

World Splitter is a 2D puzzle platformer that will have you using a twin-stick control method to navigate its levels. There are 60 different levels split across 6 worlds in total with the goal being to make your way from left to right to reach the finish line. The core mechanic in doing that however involves a white line that splits the screen into two different dimensions. By moving and rotating this line, you can reveal new platforms to jump to, make walls that are blocking your path disappear, or keep enemies away from you. You may come to a gap that seems impossible to cross but by moving that line you can make that gap smaller or you’ll have to navigate a level and move the line without letting any enemies out of their contained spaces.

Like most puzzle games the level solutions are pretty easy to figure out early on but gradually get harder the deeper you go. More mechanics get introduced such as portals, switches, different level quadrants, different gravity situations, and more and I remained stumped on quite a few of them for some time. There are also optional challenges in each level like having to beat it under a certain time, finding all the monsters, or by only moving the line a certain amount of times. I got around 10 hours out of the game but as with most puzzle games your time may vary based on how fast you can figure out the solutions and execute on them. Also, when you finish the solo content there is an optional local two-player co-op mode comprised of 10 levels to work through. I like that it was here but with there only being 10 co-op levels it won’t last you and your partner long.

The actual look of the game is fine but not impressive at all. It’s very colorful but also very basic and will likely remind you of a flash game. The audio likewise wasn’t very memorable to me and just kind of faded into the background for me. The PlayStation version has 23 trophies in total to collect including a Platinum. It will be a very challenging one to earn though as you’ll have to earn a gold medal on every level, collect all the monsters in each level, and more. Count yourself proud if you add this Platinum to your cabinet.

World Splitter is an enjoyable enough puzzle platformer with an interesting dimension mechanic that will really have you using your brain to make it to the finish. It’s not impressive technically but the actual puzzles offer plenty of challenge while optional objectives are there for the more hardcore speedrunners. It’s just a shame that the two-player levels aren’t plentiful enough and come across as little more than an appetizer. Overall, World Splitter can be fun to dive into for hours at a time or to just dip into for a few levels here and there.

*World Splitter is available now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 4 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

World Splitter





  • Interesting core dimension mechanic
  • Lots of challenging levels that keep things varied
  • Time trials and other objectives offer some replay value


  • VIsuals and audio aren't impressive
  • Only 10 co-op levels to play
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