Video Games with Online Casinos Embedded

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online pokies australia real money

Online gaming and online casinos might be 2 entirely different industries. Still, they are somewhat intertwined in operations and have developed together hand-in-hand, creating a fusion between the two industries. The first-ever online game was launched in the 70s, and the first real casino slots online was in the late 90s. Since then the online gaming and online casino industry has come a long way.  The growth and development of the internet and mobile devices have made online gaming accessible to players wherever and whenever they want. They are more players of games than they were a decade ago. By the way, recently I did some research and found Discord gambling bots list 2021 useful for gamblers or casino lovers. On the portal you can also find the best games designed for both new and experienced players.

Top Online Games With Integrated Casino

The online casino strives on games. What makes people play online casino games for real money is the availability of fun games and a chance to earn money while having fun. Founders know this, that’s why they try to integrate casinos with online games. Many casino real money platforms don’t do in-house games but depend on gaming software. The collaboration between online games and free online casinos is meant to make gaming convenient, fun, and exciting. Imagine making money playing your favourite games. If you are ready to make the best of your online gaming and casino experience, here are 3 awesome online games with casino integration. 

PC Games With Integrated Casino

The goal of online real money casinos has always been to make gambling easier for players. Rather than go to physical casinos, players can now sit in the comfort of their homes and play casino online games on their PC. Here are some PC games with the integrated casino you can check out:

Screenshot from “GTA 5” with online casino embedded into the game 

1. GTA 5. The GTA is a long-anticipated game among gamblers. We all love GTA, and we are always excited about the next card Rockstar would pull off their sleeves. They didn’t disappoint with this game. Players now have an opportunity to earn while playing their favorite games. Playing in the GTA, you can see many casinos with popular games. Such as: roulette, poker, pokies. You practice and improve your casino gaming skills. You can also make a bet and win the jackpot. However, winning is still limited, but it is an excellent way to start. 

“Saints Row The Third” Video Game’s Online Casino Embedded into the Interface

2. Saints Row The Third. From the comfort of your home, you can enjoy Saints Row The Third. New graphics and interface will take you to the virtual world, the world of online entertainment. With the development of technology and great competition, game developers began to introduce additional entertainment. Now, in addition to the game itself, you can visit the casino and play for real money. The implementation worked in detail with the design and atmosphere. 

“Saints Row The Third” Online Casino Embedded into the Video Game – Interface Screenshot

3. Watch Dogs 2. As with other PC games, Watch Dogs 2 has made an impression on a large number of gamers. When developing the game, the latest technologies in the world of online games were used for developing the game. The game has detailed graphics: characters, shadows, buildings and everything else. Also, many gamblers have appreciated the opportunity to play in the casino. The developers have created a real online casino. The player can play popular casino games, place bets, win bonuses and much more. The detailing is so realistic that the player can feel like in a real casino. In the near future, the developers promise to please us with new game releases and more exciting new products. I know for sure, that there is a significant amount of online casinos embedded into online games, so they frequently play free casino games no download just for fun with no money depositing, so it’s an appropriate way to entertain without money losing risks and to not get an addiction disorder.

VR Games With Integrated Casino

The essence of integrating VR With online casino is to give players a feel of reality while in the comfort of their homes, some examples are:

  • PokerStars VR. This is a Virtual Reality game that allows players to play poker just like they would in real life. They will be able to smoke virtual cigars, observe opponent’s behavior, and interact. The best part of this game is that it allows you to play casinos for real money without leaving home.
  • Social Club VR. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in a real casino while in the comfort of your home, sounds confusing, right? They try to give you a feel of reality right on your couch. Social Club VR single and multi-player game that is very addictive. You’ll be able to enjoy games like Blackjack, Texas Hold ’em Poker, Roulette, and more without stress. 
  • Blackjack Bailey VR. This simulation game allows you to play a casino blackjack against a fun dealer called Bailey. It will enable you to enjoy the fun of the casino without stepping out of your house. 
  • VR Slots 3D. When we talk about the slot, what comes to mind is going to a hotel or a casino to play. With the advent of online games, slots became a little different from what we play in a physical casino. Deep down we know that online casinos are not like playing real life. VR Slots 3D is trying to bridge that gap. 
  • Online Roulette. Roulette is a classic, it’s a trendy online game, especially among old gamers. Playing is simple, you predict a number the throw a ball into the spinning wheel. You’ll win if your ball meets the number, colour, or section you predicted earlier. Today, Roulette can be found on almost every online casino platform, each time you win, you earn. It now has different versions available in casinos. 
  • Pai Gow Poker Online. You might already be familiar with Pai Gow or Double Hand Poker. Pai Gow Poker is a variant, but essentially the rules are all the same. It is a fun game, especially during leisure; it’s a game that players can play all day without getting tired. What makes Pai Gow Poker stand out is that it is less intense compared to other poker games. Now imagine earning while playing this amazing game, that’s exactly what online casinos offer. 
  • Online Craps. This is another simple yet fun game for online gamers who want to earn money. Playing is easy; all you have to do is predict the rolls or series you expect your dice to land. What makes the online Craps stand out from its bricks and motter counterparts is that the latter expects you to follow a confusing table etiquette. 

How to Find the Best Casino Online

There are a host of  real money online casinos on the internet, the number continues to grow, making it difficult to choose the best. Many platforms are claiming to offer the best service; you need to read between the lines to identify false claims from reality. Here are some steps:

  1. Find out if the casino is allowed to operate in the area where you live
  2.  Do thorough research on their reputation and history. 
  3. Check if they have a license to operate 
  4. Find out if they offer financial security to players 
  5. We all love money, find out about the bonuses they offer. 

Online games and casinos complement each other. People play online casinos because of the slots available, it’s not just about winning money but the fun you get while winning. To keep players engaged on their platforms, online casinos have adopted many of our favourite games; this partnership has made the gaming and casino industry grow together as one over the years. Casinos have explored both online, PC, and Virtual Reality games. 

The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown go to show the vital importance of online casinos and games. Since players are restricted from going to casinos, they could sit at home and enjoy playing while earning money. 

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