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Army Case was established in 2015, when the founder managed to convert his dreams into reality. He had always wished to share his ideas with the world and change the way of storing miniatures or make it at least easier. Since that time the company has started to grow. The mission was to build a miniature carrying case that would work with steel framework and a specially developed magnetic system. Nowadays, Army Case offers three cases that fulfill distinctive needs that one would ever think of. Everyone is allowed to select the measure, capacity and the colour. You can pick a case that would fit all your miniatures or think a little bit forward and choose the bigger one. Every single thing is personalized to your needs.

What makes Army Case different on the market?

What makes the cases different are the magnets that stick to each of your miniatures. Other than, the cases are waterproof, greatly light and handy. The outter look of the miniatures cases is basic, simple, but elegant at the same time. Furthermore, one can customize the colour of the case (only not the steel frame). There’s no foam interior, so no need to cut out anything. Even the shelves can be placed the way you want to. The miniature cases have the right size to be classify as hand luggage, so you can surely bring them to the airport. Unless the magnets were settled accurately, there would be no chance of damaging your little treasures.

How does the magnetic system actually work?

A little magnet is stuck to each miniature that’s gathered to be transported or put away within the case. Thanks to the magnetic attraction, the minis with magnets stick to the steel frame, what makes them steady. In this way they are protected from scratches and damages. There’s not indeed the smallest opportunity for your minis to move amid transportation. You’ll be able to continuously arrange extra shelves and magnets once your collection grows. There’s no covered-up enchantment, fair physical laws that found an application within the item.

Army Case is a known brand that has been essentially growing. Incoming opinions from the clients makes the items superior and improved by our designers. Fair comments are being examined and eventually tested. You can put away within the case any miniature that its magnet already fixed. Once you try out an A-case, you will not pay attention to any other solution!

How about shipping?

Our shipping not only is worldwide, but also free! No matter where you live, you can be sure that the order will reach the address with no costs hidden! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Our team will be happy to answer your mail or call.

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