What Makes Twitch The King of Video Game Streaming?

Over the past 20 years, video games have seen a shift in design, usage, and the ways they are accessed. The online sphere has played a significant role in this transition, and it’s hard to imagine where video games would be today without live streaming services. Esports, one of the most promising industries as of late — and one of the most revenue-generating industries— owes much of its success to streaming platforms and the players that flock to these services.

Streaming platforms offer a chance for gamers to show off their skills and for fans to marvel at them. However, like with most of the online world, some platforms do better than others. Instagram is favoured over Facebook, and Twitch is favourited over, well, pretty much every other game streaming platform. Why, though? Well, there are a few reasons.

Why Is Twitch The Favoured Streaming Platform?

Launched in 2011, Twitch has become the go-to platform for gamers. In part, this is due to Twitch’s live streaming feature and its interest in the budding eSports industry. Users can stream gameplay and gain the attention of millions of viewers, allowing gamers to grow their brands.

One of the factors that have led to Twitch’s success, and been the reason competitors have left the industry because they couldn’t establish themselves. This includes Microsoft’s Mixer too. The general appeal of Twitch is that the streamers are sound gamers, and viewers can use the platform for educational purposes. They can improve their sense of gameplay by watching others, teaching them new tricks that they wouldn’t have thought of by themselves. It’s even proven to be competitive to more traditional network TV too.

Twitch is also the platform that important championship matches and tournaments are broadcasted, and there are no language barriers. Gamers have the option to play a match in multiple languages, and viewers can communicate with them in real-time. It also helps that watching a live stream on Twitch does not cost money, making it a viable entertainment platform.

Does Twitch Have Any Competitors?

Twitch has certainly run a lot of competition out of the industry, but that’s not to say there aren’t any other viable streaming services. For example, YouTube lets gamers stream gameplay, whether it’s a classic game like Super Mario or a team-based fantasy game like League of Legends. Viewers and gamers can also interact with one another on YouTube. Beyond, many platforms and games have built-streaming services so players can watch from within the game or service itself.

Outside of gaming in the wider entertainment sphere, other platforms also explore this too. For example, sites like Buzz Bingo offers live streaming with live bingo casino games, as well as streaming their own personalities too. Like Twitch, Buzz Bingo promotes their own community with positive values, which live-streaming unifies. In a sense, YouTube and Buzz Bingo offer individuals the same offerings, although naturally, you can play the games too on Buzz Bingo.

Video game streaming is as popular as Pac Man was in the 1980s, and as a result, more and more platforms will emerge in the coming years. Of course, there will always be the leaders, such as Twitch. However, that doesn’t mean gamers don’t have other options. Platforms like YouTube let people stream their game content, and online casinos like Buzz Bingo let gamers play casino games. Both give the same sense of community that Twitch does. 

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