Hentai vs. Evil Review – PlayStation 5

It’s time to look at another EastAsiaSoft published game and this time it’s Hentai vs. Evil from developer Axyos Games. The game is a third-person shooter that isn’t as full of sexual content as that first word in the game’s title may lead you to believe. Let’s see how this one turned out.

When it comes to the story there really isn’t a whole lot to go on. The gist of it is that demons have invaded a city and are turning people into zombies and capturing girls and keeping them in cages. It’s up to you to rescue the girls and put a stop to this evil. The controls are pretty standard for a third-person shooter as you’ll move with the left stick, adjust the camera with the right stick, aim with L2, fire with R2, reload with Square and jump with the X button.

The game has two different modes you can play with one being a survival mode to see how long you can last and the other being the rescue mode where you have to rescue the girls. There are three different environmental levels in the game that you can free roam about in including a city and a pirate bay. Each level is full of enemies to shoot ranging from zombies, demons, skeletons, reapers, and more. The enemies are pretty brain dead when it comes to their AI so you can mow them down pretty easily but they get a bit tougher when the game throws huge hordes of them at you. The game starts you off as playing as one girl but you can rescue two other playable ones pretty early on. They all play the same but you can equip each one with different outfits, change their breast size, hair color, and so on if you choose to. There aren’t many weapon types to use sadly but the actual shooting gameplay feels good and is enjoyable enough for as long as the game lasts which isn’t that long. If you need a bit of extra firepower you can shoot down ammo crates in the sky for some power-ups.

The 3D visuals in the game have a plastic look to them and the overall presentation reminds me of tech demos. The game isn’t ugly by any means but just don’t expect detailed visuals in this. The same thing goes for the music as there really isn’t much of it at all. I should mention that the game is censored on the PlayStation platforms as if you play on the Nintendo Switch you can choose to have the girls be topless if you want. With this being an EastAsiaSoft published game trophy hunters will likely have it on their radar as it is very easy to earn the Platinum in it. There are 16 trophies in all and the game is cross-buy on PS4 and PS5 so you can get two Platinum trophies out of it. The list is very easy as you’ll just have to kill a certain number of enemy types, pick up a certain amount of ammo boxes, and beat the three different levels.

Hentai vs. Evil is pretty tame for an M-rated game (especially on PlayStation) but it has some solid third-person shooting gameplay. Everything here works well enough the problem is that there just isn’t much to it. With only a few levels and a few weapon types to use it quickly runs out of steam. It isn’t a pricey game though so if you want an easy Platinum or just want to blast some demons as a girl in a sexy outfit then feel free to check it out.

*Hentai vs. Evil is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher.

Hentai vs. Evil





  • Solid third-person shooter gameplay
  • 3D visuals look good enough
  • Good amount of character customization options


  • Dumb AI
  • Not enough level or weapon variety
  • Censored on PlayStation
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