Are Mura the Worst Slovenian Champions of All-time?

Slovenian club Mura is the big winners of the 2020/21 football season of the Slovenian league. They did enough to snatch 63 points in 36 matches to claim the title. 

We analyzed the performance of all the previous 29 champions and found that no Slovenian champion has won less than that many points. 

With the victory in the last round, Mura achieved the greatest success in its history. 

We teamed up with Slovenian football expert Tomaš Selinec, who took into account performances in Europe this season of all Slovenian first league teams, and indeed, Mura showed the most and deserved to be crowned champions. You can view Selinec’s profile here.

Mura’s Raw Numbers from Last Season

Let’s take a look at Mura’s raw numbers from this last Slovenian league: 

  • Best defense with only 26 goals conceded – less than 1 per match 
  • Third attack overall in the league, with 50 goals scored – almost 2 per match
  • 17 wins out of 36 games
  • 12 draws
  • 7 defeats

Overall, Mura collected as many as 63 points, averaging about 1.75 points per game this season. 

Comparing Mura’s Performances vs Other Champions from the Past

Only for comparative reasons, the same 63 points were enough for the title of champions Ljudski vrt back in the 2008/09 season when Darko Milanič won his first of six championship titles in Ljudski vrt. 

However, the truth is that the number of points claimed by Mura this last season wouldn’t even have made it to the top four in some other seasons. 

Once again, that’s not something to be ashamed of, since they’ve made enough to become the Slovenian champions. So, even though Mura’s 63 points were not as high as some other previous occasions, they’ve been the best team overall in the end, and that is what really truly matters. 

With these 63 points, Mura would have finished third nine times – 1996, 1999, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016 -. 

Also, 13 were the occasions where they would have finished 4th, and back in the 1994/95 season, they would have finished in eight place – believe it or not. 

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Was Slovenian Football Stronger back in the 90’s? 

If you take a brief look at how things used to work in Slovenia back in the 90’s, mainly in terms of the number of points won by champions, you can ask yourself whether football has seen better days back in the day.

However, it should be noted that the seasons differed from each other. 

Back in 1991/92, as many as 21 clubs played in the first league. It seems absurd, taking into account that the system we know today only hosts 10 clubs, who play each other four times. 

This is enough to null and void every and any discussion for cheap talk labeling Mura as the worst Slovenian champs of all time. You can’t compare football as it was played three decades or so ago to nowadays football. 

Not to mention the chaotic pandemic that hit the four coins of the globe, having massive impacts on our beloved football.

Another factor that isn’t spoken about enough is the fact that Slovene clubs used to grab only two points per win rather than our usual three. 

The only way we can do it fairly would be to compare the number of points per game. 

For instance, Olimpija Ljubljana would be the best champs of all time, with 51 points taken from 30 matches back in the 1993/94 season. Back in the day, each club snatched two points per game, so it means that they would’ve gotten 74 points from 30 matches, adding up to 2.47 points per match. 

The then coach of the Ljubljana team was Bojan Prašnikar. If we multiply the average points of Olimpija from the 1993/94 championship season by 36 matches, as many as the first leagues play today, the champion in 1993 would have won as many as 89 points.


We hope to have debunked this distorted idea that Mura would be the worst Slovene champions of all time. They’re not. 

They’re the deservedly champions who are going to be playing in the early stages of the UCL this upcoming season, and their trophy is safe and sound in their trophy cabinet. 
You can still argue and disagree with the aforementioned arguments, and that’s ok. Our goal isn’t to implement any kind of pro-Mura agenda into your brain or whatsoever. However, we only think that a trophy is a trophy, and Mura should be shown the respect they deserve to. If you are interested in esports, this article will be interesting for you

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