Top 5 Slot Based Games in The UK

Slot games are the best of both worlds because they combine the online casino fun quotient with the thrill of playing a video game. Online slot games have been ever popular in the UK but have blown up since the last year. Today, we’ll list down some of the top slot games of 2021.

1.   Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs

Lara Croft is worldwide famous owing to its movies and the game. If you want more of this high-intensity game, try out its slots version. The slots based Lara Croft game is obviously much more based on symbols. However, you will love the graphics in this one, especially if you are a fan of Indiana Jones. The cartoon-style graphics will lure you into this slots based game.

2.   Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones slot is a result of the joint venture of the developer Microgaming and HBO. It comes with 5 reels and has the much-loved 243 ways to win slot gaming format. You might also encounter a different variant of this game in some casinos that offer 15 pay lines only.

It makes use of different symbols that depict various Westeros Houses like the deer, dire wolf, dragon, etc. This slot game has many amazing features that players’ will love. Players can get a maximum of 18 free spins which will keep them hooked to the game for a long time.

3.   Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a massive movie and gaming franchise. It has multiple iterations and is wildly popular as a video game. You will be very comfortable with the slot version of this game if you know the movies and games well enough. It will create the same scary feel throughout and also employs weapons, character images, etc. This slot-based game will send you off to Jake’s or Leon’s mission and will feel like a game inside a game.

4.   Call Of Duty

This is yet another famous survival game that involves military moves, explosions, and gunshots. The slot based version recreates the warfare theme in a way that fans will appreciate and love. The soundtrack used is also pretty amazing. The traditional reel spin slot play will be accompanied by a soldier darting through the screen to throw a grenade. And the resulting explosion might change the reels and land you some bonus cash reward.

5.   Gladiator

The Gladiator slot game is based on the iconic movie by the same name, Gladiator. It was developed by Playtech. With 5 reels and 25 pay lines, this game can be played by all kinds of players. The pay lines are not fixed and so players have complete liberty to choose whichever they want to bet on. You’ll find the film’s characters introduced as symbols and often get bonus features through them to earn free spins.

Why Are Slot Based Games So Popular in The UK?

The slot-based games in the UK offer plenty of promotions. If you pay attention to casino reviews and comparisons, you’ll be able to jot down a series of bonuses like the Bet 365 bonus. Bonuses reduce the risk of losing all your money and that is what pulls people towards slot games. Other reasons behind the popularity of slot-based games in the UK are the high convenience of the games, the variety offered, and the security provided.

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