A Juggler’s Tale – A Preview in Rhyme

I promise you this, (and I hope it will amaze)
In this preview, I’ll rhyme in each phrase!

Let it be clear that I had a great time,
with this game spoken entirely in rhyme

It’s witty and beautiful, it should be admired
at the end of the demo, it left me inspired

You control Abby, a puppet on strings,
and see her experiencing all kinds of things

Abby travels through a village, she came and she went
and after a short stroll, she ends up in front of a tent

It’s sad and plain impolite
how she’s forced into a daily staged fight

While scripted, to the audience it’s a thrilling affair,
how such a little girl bested a bear

But the success is shortlived; at the end of each day
the ring-leader grabs her and locks her away

yes, it’s quite shocking that even at her young age,
she spends her nights sleeping in a cage.

Then, a small miracle, it’s lovely to see,
with the help of some critters, she steals the ring-leader’s key

The juggler escapes as the bear plays his part
And I assume this is where the full game will start!


If you decide the written word isn’t for you,
You could instead check my video playthrough:

Still don’t know if A Juggler’s Tale has earned its spot on your shelf ?
Then download the demo, and try it yourself:

Written by
Belgian, born in 1987, Dad to two cuties, Can't imagine a life without videogames and won't shut up about them.

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