Rockstar to delay release of GTA6 to 2025?

Recent leaks have suggested that Rockstar won’t be releasing the next Grand Theft Auto until 2025. This is way beyond the rumoured 2023 release date, and it’s left gamers scrabbling for reasons for the delay. However, the leak also hinted how the new GTA could have a modern setting, feature a tech-savvy lead female character, and be a return to the Vice City of old. So take a look below at the latest rumours about Grand Theft Auto Six. 

Why is Rockstar taking so long?

It’s fair to say that Rockstar is being long overdue with the next dose of Grand Theft Auto. Nearly seven years have passed since the last edition of the action video game. Grand Theft Auto V has since become one of the most iconic video games of all-time, and it’s still selling incredibly strongly

All of which has meant that Rockstar is probably in no rush to follow up a game that’s bringing in a phenomenal amount of revenues. The video game publisher is renowned for taking its time in catering to its legions of fans. After all, there were clues that the franchise would feature its own casino long before GTAV brought in its own gaming tables. By which time many gamers will have checked out a CBet casino review to see where they could safely play online slots and table games instead. 

The leak by Tom Henderson – known for his Battlefield leaks – stated that the delay is partially down to wanting to give Rockstar time to focus on employee wellbeing. However, more sceptical gamers might suggest that the gaming studio is waiting until new consoles like the PlayStation 5 have become widely taken up. After all, the leak suggests that the new GTA will only be available on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Whats going to be in the new GTA?

Any rumours about the next Grand Theft Auto should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, we’ve seen plenty of gossip suggesting that a ‘Project Americas’ game would take the action to several cities in Latin America and feature no shortage of drug cartel-related mayhem.

But the leak by Henderson stated that it’s looking far more likely that the new GTA will feature a return back to Vice City. This is the fictional city that bears more than a passing resemblance to Miami. It wouldn’t be the first time that Rockstar had returned to one of its iconic previous locations with the fictional Californian city of San Andreas being a great example. 

The leak also suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 will come with a limited map that would soon expand over time. Such a move would again make it more likely that the game features a modern setting to include more vehicles, technology and gadgets.

One of the more interesting rumours suggests that the new GTA would feature a female main character who would be a technology expert. Such a move would help counter continuing arguments that Grand Theft Auto is misogynistic and would also bring the brand up to date. However, it’s hard to believe that the next GTA is going to be without any controversy. All of which means that there’s still plenty of expectation about what we can expect from the next Grand Theft Auto.

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