Rise of Humanity Gets a Free Prologue on Steam

Lead a team of heroes to save humankind in the free prologue in this fusion of deck-building and turn-based strategy!

Cybernetic Walrus, a developer from my own lovely country, Belgium, announced that a free prologue for Rise of Humanity is available from 24 June 2021. The game uniquely combines turn-based strategy with deck-building, features RPG elements, beautiful 3D graphics and an engaging story.

I’ve played their demo and been in a round of beta-testing and have to say I was eager to get my hands on even more content. The combination of deck-building and turn-based strategy is exaclty the kind of mix that appeals to me and the Terminator-like setting certainly helps with adding a bit of spice. (The game has exploding bunnies, ‘nough said!)

Here’s a video of my demo playthrough, but keep in mind that the game has been iterated on many times since then and the prologue will be a much better representation of what the full game will look like.

“We’re really proud of Rise of Humanity, it’s a complex but fun card game with a unique mechanic, stunning visuals and one-of-a-kind weapons such as an exploding bunny.” Mike Coeck, CEO of Cybernetic Walrus said. ”We’ve made some exciting new additions to the core gameplay, based on a lot of iteration and user testing: we introduced a movement and energy system that made the game even more exciting and strategic and the deck-building aspect is even more prominent now!”

The game works on a hexagonal base, each hero (and enemy) is controlled by a deck of cards, allowing them to move around the playing field, attack enemies, lay traps and dodge incoming fire. Players will complete strategic missions and build decks for each of their heroes.

There is a lot at stake here: if you play the wrong card your hero can easily end up being slain by the enemy bots, so you have to plan your strategy wisely! The game also has some RPG elements: the characters interact through conversations and their skills can be improved by completing missions.

Each hero (and enemy) is controlled by a deck of cards, allowing them to attack, dodge, move and so on. Use remarkable weapons such as an exploding bunny to slay hordes of crushers, robot puppies and drones! Collect, upgrade and merge cards to build decks for each of your heroes and get them stronger as the story missions progress.

I’m personally looking forward to experimenting with different strategies and checking if I can survive the dreaded nightmare mode, a difficulty that will have you weighing each step you make carefully, as it may be your last.

If this has made you hungry for more, be sure to check the free prologue yourself on Steam:

The Prologue allows you to experience the first events taking place in Rise of Humanity – a tactical turn-based deck-building game set in a dystopian future where an AI has taken over the world.

About the developer:

Cybernetic Walrus is a Belgian indie development studio making fun games and offering a range of digital services such as VR and digital twinning. Founded in 2017, they have since grown into a team of 23 game-enthusiast developers. They released their first game, Antigraviator, a sleek new take on the anti-gravity racing genre in 2018, and now they are working on a tactical turn-based deckbuilder, Rise of Humanity among many other projects. Visit our website for more information: cyberneticwalrus.com

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