Overview of casino regulators in 2021

The world is recovering slowly from the fatal coronavirus, and people went through a lot during the past year. To recover from the wounds this pandemic caused, people needed some entertainment, and a casino was a perfect solution. As more and more people started using online casinos and gambling websites, but as users increased, many frauds began popping up. Usage of online casinos for money laundry and transfer of black money became common practice. This forced several national governments to monitor online casinos and impose regulations for their proper running. Read more to learn about casinos regulations in 2021 by different countries and organizations.

Countries and Regulations

Gambling and casinos are considered illegal in some parts of the world. At the same time, certain countries don’t even impose licensing for online casinos. China and Pakistan are some of the countries that have entirely banned gambling due to their national policies. At the same time, Argentina, Bangladesh, Mali, and several other countries do not have any restrictions. Malta is the paradise for gambling and betting with many new mga casinos after the 2021 regulations.

Countries like Norway, Greece, Canada, and Sweden have imposed licensing for local online casinos; ones without a license cannot function there. But there is no such restriction on foreign online casinos; citizens can freely use foreign websites even if they do not have a license. Thirty-two countries follow this policy; check if your country also has the same approach. 

Then, countries like France, UK, and Austria only allow websites with local licenses to function in their country. Foreign online casinos also want local licenses there; there are almost 28 countries with this regulation. If you are from any of these countries, check the website’s license policy before you start gambling.

Countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore have a strange policy regarding online gambling and casinos. These countries do not allow locals to start online gambling platforms or to indulge in gambling. Still, foreign gambling websites are not banned there. There are almost twenty-eight countries that have this bizarre rule.

The good news for gamblers is that about ninety-two countries do not have any restrictions for gambling. Bolivia, Bahamas, and Kenya are just three among them; if you are a citizen of any of these countries, you are free to gamble online. 

International Association for Gaming Regulators is an organization that consists of gaming regulators from all around the world and keeps a record of these regulations. So, if you are confused about your country’s policy regarding online gambling, this is where you can find the answer. Always verify that your country is cool about gambling before indulging in it; otherwise, you might end up with huge penalties. 

Why regulations?

Do you think that these regulations on gambling are unfair? But it is actually not! These regulations are made for the protection of the users. The local and international rules ensure that the games are conducted ethically, and the gamblers are treated fairly. As per these regulations:

  • No online casinos function unlawfully in any country.
  • No under-aged individual indulges in gambling.
  • Matches are conducted relatively by the company.
  • Players’ issues should be resolved immediately.
  • Deposits and withdrawals should be recorded clearly.

Is online gambling safe?

The national and international regulations are made to ensure the safety and security of the user. Some countries’ cultural and ethical policies do not accept gambling as a fair game, so they enforce the restriction on the game. If you are from such countries, obey the rule and gamble only when you are in a country that permits gambling. 

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