Metaloid: Origin Review – PlayStation 4

It’s time to look at another EastAsiaSoft published game and this time it’s Metaloid: Origin from developers RetroRevolution and 7 Raven Studios. The game is a run-and-gun 2D action-platformer and a sequel to Metagal from the same team. This game has some Mega Man influences within it just like Metagal but is it just a cheap imitation or is it worth your time?

The story in Metaloid follows 3 Predator androids who have to protect their peaceful world from the robot army of the Lucian Corp. Each of the three playable androids has their own ability that sets them apart from the rest. Erika has much greater firepower, Neva can use a jetpack to fly, and Zeta uses lightning-based attacks. I went with Zeta as blue is my favorite color and lightning attacks are cool. The game plays very much like a Mega Man game as you can move left and right, jump, dash, and shoot your weapon. What isn’t like Mega Man is that the game gives you one level out of the nine included to play at a time instead of letting you pick from different levels to tackle in the order that you want to. When you face off against the bosses in the game you also don’t get their weapons but rather are forced to upgrade the ones you have. For a game that seems to imitate Mega Man so much it’s strange that these two key things were so much different from Mega Man.

As you play through the levels, you’ll collect Soulrium which is the game’s currency and is used to buy upgrades for your characters. Bits of it are hidden about each level along with bigger chunks that give you a lot of it when you find them. You’ll also use it to restart from checkpoints during the level should you die. This makes the game far more approachable than a Mega Man game which anyone who has played them can tell you are brutal. Since the levels in the game are quite big it’s well worth exploring them as much as you can to find as much of this stuff as possible.

Something you may find irritating about the game though while exploring these levels is just how confusing they can be visually. There were many times where it was hard to tell whether something in the level was something I could stand on or if it was just there for looks. It’s not fun when a game is confusing enough visually where you feel like taking damage or getting killed is the game’s fault more than your own. Besides how the visuals made it hard to tell things I actually quite liked graphics and the soundtrack is really good too. With this being an EastAsiaSoft title trophy hunters may take an interest to it but this one will actually require some work. There are 26 trophies in total including a Platinum but you’ll have to beat the game on hard, upgrade all the characters, beat the game with all characters, and more. It’s certainly not as quick and straightforward as most of the games they publish.

Metaloid: Origin draws a lot of inspiration from Mega Man but misses the mark on matching that franchise in a few areas. My biggest issue with it is that the visuals mess with the gameplay a bit and lead to you taking damage or dying which feels unfair. What it does get right though is that it generally plays well and gives you three unique characters to play as which leads to you having a reason to replay it. If you’re looking for a cheap Mega Man knock off there is fun to be had here, just don’t expect an easy Platinum this time.

*Metaloid: Origin is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 4 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Metaloid: Origin





  • Solid run-and-gun gameplay
  • Has three playable characters that each feel different
  • Appealing visuals and soundtrack


  • Not a very long game
  • Visuals make it hard to read things in the levels correctly
  • No level select or ability to use boss weapons
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