Is There Any Money To Be Made By Being A Gamer?

How to make more money is arguably one of the most asked questions on the internet. There are a ton of sites dedicated to answering this question, full of helpful suggestions on how to start a lucrative side hustle. But what if the answer to that question is already staring you in the face? In case you haven’t realised it yet, we’re here to tell you that there is plenty of money to be made by playing video games. In this article, we’re going to give you a nudge in the direction of the different ways in which you could become a money-making gamer-all from the comfort of your gaming chair.

Play High RTP Slots

If you’re a purist, you may not consider online gambling games as belonging to the video games category, but we’d disagree. Online casino games are designed and created by extremely talented software providers. We’ve seen slots with intricate storylines, stunning visuals, and exciting gameplay mechanics that feel just like playing a video game. There are thousands of slot games on the market, and they come in a massive range of different themes. And the best part is that when playing these games, you can win money. We suggest picking safe and tested slots with high RTP. The RTP rate stands for ‘return to player’ and it refers to how often the game is likely to pay out winnings. The best RTP slots range from 95% to 99%.

Become a Video Game Influencer

Yes, video game influencer is a real thing, and there is a ton of money to be made doing it. A video game influencer makes money in the same way as an Instagram influencer or YouTube vlogger – the bigger your audience, the more money you make through on-page advertising and sponsorship deals. If you’re great at playing particular video games, and you’ve got the gift of the gab, this could be the perfect money-maker. Most influencers just record themselves playing video games and providing a running commentary while doing so. Obviously, you need to be good at the game that you’re playing. You need to be able to show your audience a few tips and tricks, and you need to be entertaining while you’re at it. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to do this alone – some of the most successful video game influencers are the ones who work as a team. By banding together with other gamers, you can create more content for your channel, and you can bounce ideas of each other, and treat your audience to fun banter and competitive gameplay.

Write Game Guides

If being on camera is not your jam, then you could, instead, turn your hand to creating game guides. Game guides are more popular than you might think – even in this new world of ‘everything must be digestible in bite-sized video portions’, you will still find a large audience willing to read a guide rather than watch a tutorial. Your guides will need to be well-written, informative, and entertaining – and not overly long. And you may want to sign up to a few affiliate programmes in order to increase your earning potential. You can partner with a company that sells consoles, for example, or a casino brand, or a software company. Include a link in your game guide that readers can follow if they so desire, and if they make a purchase, you get paid a commission.

Review Games

Another easy way to make a quick buck is by becoming a game reviewer, or game tester. Many software companies are willing to pay gamers to test out their games before releasing them to the public. Game testers help software companies iron out the kinks and fix the plot holes. A job like this is like finding the Holy Grail for some gamers; who doesn’t want to get paid for playing games? But keep in mind that you will be required to give articulate feedback to the software company. The whole point is to help the game designers make necessary improvements, so make sure you take notes while you play.

eSports Competitor

The world of eSports is full of gamers making stupid amounts of money. The prize pools at some of the larger eSports tournaments are big enough to change your life forever. Some of the biggest names in eSports are bona fide millionaires thanks to their winnings, and there are plenty of eSport players who can earn a comfortable living by playing eSport games full-time. If you think that you’ve got what it takes to go from amateur to professional, then now is the time to take the leap. eSport tournaments can be played entirely online, there is no age limit for entry, and you’ve probably already got all the equipment that you could possibly need.

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