New Tools to Help You Stream Like a Pro

When we hear the words “live streaming”, we can’t help thinking of Twitch. Although you can go live on other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, however, Twitch’s game streaming is still going strong. In 2020, Twitch was leading the market share of hours watched with 67%, followed by YouTube and then Facebook. Pro streamers who work full time using the platform even earn a considerable amount of money every month. Of course, this obviously requires you to have a massive following and quality content. If you’re wondering how to get more followers on Twitch, you need to be creative and have good audio and video quality.

Hence, we have listed below the different tools and streaming equipment that will help you to stream like a pro. Check them out!

The Best Software to Live Stream on Twitch

As a beginner, your best bet would be to stream using a software encoder instead of a hardware encoder, as they are more user-friendly and are easy to set up. They allow you to adjust the bitrate or quality of the video as you want. Some of the useful software are:

OBS Studio. This software encoder is ideal for beginners, and it is completely free to use. Its cross-platform compatibility makes it even one of the top choices among Twitch streamers.

XSplit. Its paid version features the best functions rather than the free one. You, for sure, can give it a try by spending a few dimes.

vMix. If you think you qualify as a pro streamer, you should definitely invest in this software encoder.

Live Streaming Equipment Setup Tools

Computer, Console or a Smartphone

Although it’s relatively easier to use a console such as Xbox or PlayStation 4 or even a smartphone to go live on Twitch, the computer still remains one of the best options for live-streaming among the streamers.

Most of the time, streamers like to use consoles to play games and a computer to stream their gameplay. You should also ensure that your desktop computer has stupendous specifications.

CPU. To make sure your computer can do the heavy lifting of your live streaming, you need to have a robust CPU. You should aim for an Intel core above i7 with at least 8GB of RAM for smooth and efficient processing.

GPU. Part of the graphic card is essential to optimize video and graphics performance. You can try an Nvidia RTX graphics card that is engineered with built-in hardware encoders to make the processing for the CPU easier.

Microphone and Webcam

You certainly don’t want the viewers to leave your live stream as soon as they arrive, and you can deter this by providing exceptional audio and video quality. You should invest in a top-notch quality microphone for crisp audio quality. Although you can use a headset with a built-in microphone, it’s always ideal to purchase a standalone mic. Some of the top-rated microphones are Blue Yeti X, HyperX Quadcast S, and Razer Seiren Mini.

Likewise, your video quality should be HD and uninterrupted, you surely need to have a fast internet connection, but it’s always vital to invest in a high-end webcam as well, like Logitech HD Pro C920 and Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000.

Some pro streamers prefer DSLR as it gives even more superior video quality, although you will need to invest in a capture card for it to stream on software encoders.

Additional Streaming Tools  

If you want to take your streaming game up a notch, you can always invest in additional streaming tools such as a ring light or clamp lights to make yourself seen better in front of the camera.

Or you can also get a green screen to remove the background and give clean, professional vibes to your streaming.

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