GTA 6: 5 Reasons Why We Are Excited

So with the rumors about GTA 6 becoming more and more frequent, we at ThisGenGaming feel that it’s time to talk about the 5 reasons why the new Grand Theft Auto game will have us excited.

#1 – It’s Been A Long Time

The last release of a Grand Theft Auto game was in 2013! As of right now that is getting close 8 years ago. It’s by far the longest time between a release of a new GTA game. Many thought that we would have had a new game by now but Rockstar are currently only looking to release ports of the very popular and successful GTA 5. It was first ported to the PS4 and will now be ported to the PS5 later this year. Like many, we feel it’s now time to move on from GTA 5 and start to hype up GTA 6 because as of right now. There’s nothing official about the game. We know it’s coming but there’s nothing official.

#2 – A Better GTA Online?

One of the impressive features of GTA 5 was the release of GTA Online alongside of it. GTA Online has been massively successful since it launched in 2013. It’s had many updates to add new features such as nightclubs, heists and casinos. Now casinos and betting is super fun in GTA Online, there’s ways to find tips in the game but what about outside of GTA Online? Well you can check out sites online for tips, as explained on but what about outside of those additions mentioned? What else could be added. Well we would love to see even more heists added to the online mode, as well as other fun activities that can be played in the mode. We think GTA 6’s online could be the best yet.

#3 – Return To Vice City

Since GTA went HD with GTA IV in 2008, it’s been all about revisiting the locations that we saw in the PS2 era games. We had Liberty City in GTA IV, which was originally from GTA 3. We had Los Santos in GTA V, which was originally from GTA San Andreas. So it makes more than enough sense that the one missing location is reimagined with the hardware that we currently have today. That location being Vice City from GTA Vice City. We have not seen Vice City in over 15 years! It’s the perfect time to bring the much loved location back with GTA 6.

#4 – The Power Of The PS5

With the PS5 now closing in on its first year since launch, it’s almost a guarantee that GTA 6 is being built with the PS5 In mind. And as you can imagine, that it getting us very excited with the amount of possibilities. We could very well see the first ever GTA game to have multiple locations. We wanted Vice City, but what if we got all three? Vice City, Los Santos and Liberty City and being able to fly to each location. There’s been hopes of one day having this, and with the insane power of the PS5, we could possibly see this done once and for all. You can also expect to see the most detailed locations and character models in any GTA game ever!

#5 – It’s A Rockstar Game!

Of course one of the reasons to be excited is that this is a Rockstar game after all! The release of RDR2 was one of the most successful launches in video game history with almost perfect reviews everywhere. Rockstar have proven that they are the top tier when it comes to quality video games so players know that when it comes time to play a Rockstar game, you’re in for a treat.

And these are our 5 reasons why we are excited for GTA 6!

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