Horror Titles That Will Have You Trembling

When it comes to genres, horror is the one that has been thriving on its ability to scare audiences in all kinds of games. It has been doing it with books, movies, TV shows and it does it with video games as well. In fact, this genre has spawned lots of scary games throughout the years, but there are only a few that deserve a spot at the top.

Horror games are quite common online. Regardless if they’re 2D or 3D you can find plenty of such titles online. The iGaming industry has them too. There are lots of horror slots casino fans can play at lots of sites. These fans can go looking for the ultimate horror slot, the best casino bonus, and even the top table game to play. The main thing about these sites and games is to enjoy them responsibly.

If you’re a gamer that isn’t afraid of horror games, then here are some titles that will have you trembling:

Dead Space

The Dead Space started out great but as it moved on to the third title it became more of an action, than a horror game. That’s why you can go for the first one and get yourself some horror delight. In this game, you take the role of Isaac an engineer that has been sent with a skeleton crew to see what’s wrong with a mining facility. It turns out the facility is overrun by mysterious creatures that you’ll have to kill to get on your way. You’ll encounter them when you least expect them.

The game also keeps you on your toes by giving out random noises like a barrel rolling and even the opening of the communication channel. While on the facility, you’re also searching for your girlfriend who sent you the distress signal. On your way through the facility, you’ll find the artifact called the Marker which will explain everything. The first Dead Space is a horror masterpiece that is getting revamped so you can enjoy it with modern visuals and mechanics.

The Resident Evil Franchise

Well, it’s hard to pick out a single game from the entire franchise so you can go over it yourself and start anywhere. The first game is rather eerie and it’s a good one to start with. But you can go for the prequels as well. The second and third games take the franchise to the next level and so does the third one. They’ve already been remade so you can enjoy them right now. The spooky atmosphere and the zombies give out the horror vibe in the game. But you’ve also got Mr. X and the Tyrant which will have your heart pounding the moment you see them. In other words, the franchise knows how to scare you.


This is arguably one of the best sci-fi horror games. In it, you play Dan Lazarski, a detective in the Fifth Polish Republic. You’re investigating a call from your son, Adam, in a Krakow neighborhood when a lockdown happens. Your special abilities are available due to the fact that you’re a cyborg and you can even jack into the minds of dead and alive characters to search for clues. Though what you’ll find will creep you out. If this isn’t enough then Rutger Hauer plays the protagonist of Observer. Make sure to check this game out.

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