Kickstarter Projects We Love – September 2021

Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms have been an excellent financial aid for certain indie games. Without the money needed to keep the lights on, the computers running and the coffee flowing there would be a ton of amazing games that would never see the light of day.

The popularity of crowdfunding has since taken off and now we see almost too many games launching their campaign each day, making it harder for people to discover their next favourite project. The idea behind this (recurring) article is to highlight a few personal favourites in the hopes of giving them a small boost and hopefully giving you, the reader, a nice feeling of generosity (and some awesome indie games to play!)

NOTE: We’ll try to focus on the projects that need the coverage and have not yet been funded.

Painting VR: applab

Painting VR is exactly what the name would suggest: an app for VR devices in which you can let free your inner artists and put your creativity to the canvas. Pick up a brush or spray can and start creating art in a way that feels true to the real experience, only without having to go to the store to buy new paint every now and then.

The Kickstarter itself, is actually for Painting VR World, the multiplayer update for the game in which they aim to bring an international community of artists, gamers and VR enthusiasts together in virtual reality.

I dropped by their Kickstarter kickoff event and got to try it out for the first time and was indeed very impressed with how the paint behaved, mixing colours, dripping somewhat if you used a wet paintbrush, and actually leaving a gradually thicker layer on the canvas (not just “magically” changing the canvas’ colour, like the way you would expect a game to handle it)

With their multiplayer update, they want to bring a lot of social features to the game: painting together, someone coaching another fledgling artist, visiting other studios or exhibitions. Imagine walking through an art gallery full of fanart of famous videogame characters for example. The creative possibilities are endless. And it needs your help to get there.

Spirit of the Island Reveal Trailer - YouTube

Spirit of the Island is a colourful life simulation RPG set on a tropical island paradise. You explore a tourist destination that has fallen out of favour with vacation-goers and by talking to the locals and lending them a hand, you hope to bring the town back to its former glory.

It’s inspired by games like Stardew Vally and Moonlighter and after recently playing Haven Park and enjoying the genre much more than I expected to, I’ve opened up to the wholesome feeling these games can provide.

The game features a two-player co-op mode, customisable characters and upgradeable skills to master. Craft and build to expand the settlements, explore the island and discover many of its hidden secrets.

Much like Rune Factory, there will also be some fighting involved. Face pirates and wild animals in combat and prove that you’re worth your mettle. It seems like there is something here for everyone to enjoy and the entire package is poised to bring hours of fun. Help make this feel-good game a success by backing the Kickstarter.

Midautumn - a supernatural rogue-lite coming to Kickstarter - YouTube

Midautumn is a supernatural rogue-lite about blasting evil spirits, Asian diaspora culture, and saving your hometown from gentrification. You visit your grandma looking to take a break from your responsibilities, but only end up discovering new ones when you discover that the Spirit World is real, its entrance is in granny’s basement, and you’re its newest guardian.

As the newest guardian of the Spirit World, you will absorb the lunar powers of your enemies and reflect it back upon them in order to save your town, and uncover more of the story each time you visit the Spirit World.

Yep, you might have guessed it already (in part because we told you) but this is a rogue-like, meaning you’ll have to run through the ever-shifting Spirit World multiple times. The layout may be different with each visit, but its strongest inhabitants will remember you. Grow permanently stronger with each run and surpass the town’s previous guardians.

Much like Hades, you’ll be able to talk to colorful characters, deepening your bonds with them, and experiencing hundreds of unique story events as you learn what’s really going on in this cosy, mysterious town. It looks great and the gameplay seems to be fun, so please consider backing the project and make this game a success!

EDITOR’S NOTE: We hope you liked this article format and that you’ve discovered a few new projects that can use your support. It’s not easy getting eyes on your indie game these days, so please consider spreading this article around to help out the developers!

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