Embr Review – PlayStation 4

If you’ve ever wanted to fight fires then publisher Curve Digital and developer Muse Games have just the game for you. Embr is a first-person firefighting game that originally released a couple years ago on PC. It’s one that I had my eye on and now that the console version is finally here I got to see how it turned out.

Embr consists of 25 levels that you can you can play solo or in up to four-player co-op online. Every level in the game has you entering some kind of burning building with the goal being to rescue the people inside and retrieve belongings. Doing a good job rewards you with more money that you can use to purchase upgrades to do an even better job in the future. Of course, you’re rescuing these people because it’s the right thing to do too right? In terms of how it feels to play, Embr feels a little clunky at times. I had to play quite a few levels before I started to adjust to the feel of it.

To get to the people and the items you’ll have to get into the buildings by scaling them with ladders, breaking into windows, busting down doors, or any other way you see fit. You are armed with some tools that will help you such as an axe, a water hose, and an app on your phone that helps locate the people. Once you find them you have to pick them up and carry them to a designated safe zone outside. If you don’t want to make the full trip to wherever the safe zone is you can also try throwing the people into it from a distance. If you miss though they will die so uh aim well. As you get further in the game you can use that money you earned to buy new items like fire extinguishers, trampolines, and others that will give you even more ways to approach situations.

Even though you are unlocking new tools along the way the game keeps up the challenge ramped up. It also adjusts based on how many players are playing and I highly recommend playing this with others online. Some sessions I and the people I was playing with would just mess around and see how we could toss the civilians around. It can be quite fun to just goof off and watch the physics system react as you are tossing these people off buildings. As with most indie games that have online multiplayer, I do worry about how long there will be a player base here. One good thing about that though is that Embr does support cross-play across all platforms. Between returning to levels to earn better scores, playing with friends, and taking part in daily or weekly challenges Embr should provide you with a good amount of hours of fun.

Embr has a cartoony look to it similar to something like Moving Out. Levels are varied but some things don’t look great when you get up close to them. Considering things are destructible I would say that’s also why the game has a bit of a more basic look to the visuals. The music was fine and I would describe it as a jazz type of soundtrack. Trophy hunters will find 30 trophies here including a Platinum. It’s not a hard list by any means and thankfully there aren’t any that require you to play with others online.

Embr isn’t a must-play in my opinion but if you want to see what it’s like to bust into burning buildings and toss people from rooftops to save them then it can be worth checking out. The game is perfectly playable solo but is much more fun when playing with others online just to see what kind of crazy and absurd things all of you might do. There is plenty of reasons to replay and things to work towards as you make money as well. If you’re looking to burn some time as a firefighter then this is recommended.

*Embr is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. PlayStation 4 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.






  • Playing as a firefighter alone or with friends is fun
  • Good amount of variety in the levels and plenty of reasons to replay them
  • Colorful and silly art style
  • Has cross-play support


  • Controls can be clunky
  • Not as much fun playing solo

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