Why GTA Online Is So Fun To Play

GTA Online since its launch in 2013 has been one of the most fun open world online video game experiences that you can get on any platform. The online mode has been constantly updated ever since and still continues to be a huge success. In this article, I want to talk about the 5 reasons why GTA Online is so fun. 

#1 – The Races 

The wacky and wild races of GTA Online will keep players coming back for more and more. I mean why wouldn’t you? You can race through the city with crazy tracks that you wouldn’t have thought would be possible after playing the main story of the game. Who ever thought you’d be able to drive around loops and jump thousands of feet in the air to another building. You can do all of that and more in these insane races that have been staple of the mode ever since it launched in 2013 with more races being added to the game every single year. 

#2 – The Casino 

Now the casino was not added right away to GTA Online, it was actually added in 2019. That’s over 6 years after the launch which shows that new content is still coming after that much time has passed. So betting is great in GTA Online but what about in other games?

Well there’s also DOTA 2 that was also released in 2013, which is hugely popular for betting. If you didn’t know already then DOTA 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. The popularity of the game has made it a big game in the eSports scene. With there being a dota 2 world championship that happens every year. It shows that not only is betting popular in just GTA games but other games too like DOTA 2. 

#3 – The Heists 

Heists were a fun feature of the main story of GTA V, but they have been crossing over to GTA Online for many years now with multiple different heists being added to the game. These fun missions let us players plan some of the biggest heists ever to earn even more money to use in the GTA Online world! 

#4 – The Items You Can Purchase 

What’s great about GTA Online is that it’s a lot less realistic compared to GTA V’s main story so there’s a lot more wacky elements that you can find and purchase in GTA Online. That includes flying cars, motorcycles and crazy different planes and jets that you can’t find in the single player mode. These items are very costly though, but are worth it once you finally gather the GTA Online dollars needed for them. 

#5 – It Has More Fun Stuff To Do Than The Single Player Game 

One of the best things about GTA Online is that it has many different things in the mode that you just can’t do in single player GTA V. As mentioned before there’s the casino, but there’s also Nightclubs, The Arena, more houses, more heists, and even a different location outside of Los Santos! 

And that was the 5 things that I think makes GTA Online so fun. What do you think is fun about GTA Online? Let us know!

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