Resident Evil Village is Mainstreaming Vampires in Horror Gaming

Capcom’s decision to revamp the gaming universe of Resident Evil seems to be paying off as fans seem to be loving the new “bad guy” additions. Going from zombies and abominations to vampires and werewolves was a bold step for the developers of Resident Evil, but after a few months of record-breaking sales, it feels like the changes in RE Village were a winning bet. People from all over the world are playing the game over and over again, waiting for every new DLC Capcom decides to add to the menu. On top of that, the success of RE Village is also giving a boost to the promotion of the upcoming Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City movie, which is coming out internationally at some point between the end of November and the beginning of December.

It is not just the Resident Evil universe that benefits from the steadily growing demand for vampire-themed games. Console, PC, and mobile device gamers are scanning gaming libraries for titles such as Castlevania, and online websites like are seeing the activity of games such as Blood Suckers 2 increasing at an impressive rate. It was not Resident Evil that introduced vampires to the world, of course, but the latest addition in RE’s gaming franchise has played its part in reminding people that the vampire topic will never go out of style.

Will There Be Vampires in the RE4 Remake?

Lately, there have been rumours about a “remake-version” of Resident Evil 4, the title which picked up the pace in terms of enemy aggression and enemy intelligence. In Resident Evil 4, the players do not simply kill mindless zombies. Though infected, those attacking you are faster and smarter than the enemies in previous games of the series. Nevertheless, with every remake, there is always room for improvements, and these improvements can probably come in the addition of vampire-like creatures like Lady Dimitrescu. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has paved the way for many developers with its successful adaptation of a 20+-year-old game to the standards of 2021, and by following the same steps, Capcom can create an RE4 Remake that will be remembered for decades.

“Hungry” for More Resident Evil?

If you cannot get enough of Resident Evil action, then get ready for the latest addition to the RE cinematic universe. Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City is coming to cinemas (and potentially to streaming services) in less than two months, and the fans are already pre-booking their tickets in order for them to be among the first to watch the newest Resident Evil film. The scenario takes viewers back to the beginning, featuring Leon Kennedy, the Redfield siblings, Claire Valentine and, of course, the person who took Umbrella’s virus to a whole new level; Dr William Birkin. Those familiar with the gaming series will get to see a lot of similarities between the movie and games RE2 and RE3. The plot is heavily based on the events of the two games, and the connection between this movie and the gaming universe is a lot stronger than the one that viewers were shown in the movies starring Milla Jovovich. 

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