Video Games Could Become the Largest Entertainment Business Inc. had been seeking to create an excellent video game for quite some time. The corporation is staring at a bright future for that market now that it looks to have made a breakthrough.

Andy Jassy, the company’s CEO, predicted Tuesday at a technology conference that games may become the main entertainment category in the long run. It’s a big statement from a firm that has had over a decade of gaming failures and has just renewed its commitment to the movie sector with the $8.45 billion purchase of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

New World, an online computer game in which archers and ax wielders inhabit a mythical continent, was published by Amazon a week ago. It’s off to a “great start,” according to Jassy, with a couple million daily active gamers. The first four online reviews were generally positive, with an average score of 81 percent on the aggregator website Metacritic. Interest from gamers and viewers on Amazon’s live streaming website Twitch has remained consistent over the last week, and the first four online reviews were generally positive, with an average score of 81 percent on the aggregator website Metacritic.

The growth of the gaming sector as a key entertainment hub is attributed largely to the increase in support for leading companies such as who are registering record numbers of players every new day. 

Before becoming CEO in July, Jassy managed Amazon’s attempt to get into the video gaming market. Years of instability plagued the division, which started in 2012. In January, Bloomberg published a piece titled “Amazon Can Make Just About Anything—Except a Good Video Game,” which detailed the laborious process.

“There were a lot of articles written, people saying things like, Amazon knows how to build everything but games, why can’t they build games?” Jassy said at the event Tuesday hosted by the Seattle tech news site GeekWire. “It takes a few before you find a hit, or several, but they didn’t lose their resolve.”

Amazon Games VP Christoph Hartmann echoed Jassy’s remarks saying “Eventually, we’ll be judged by our successes.” 

Amazon has learnt a lot from the failures of Crucible and Breakaway, both of which were canceled, according to Hartmann, including the fact that it would now “only ship when ready.”

Amazon released its first major video game title Crucible in May 2020. It was met with scathing reviews, and the company quickly retreated. It scrapped Crucible entirely a year ago and gave customers refunds. “You’re going to have some games fail spectacularly,” Jassy said.

Following the positive response to New World, Jeff Bezos called it a success. “We have success after many failures and setbacks in gaming,” the former CEO tweeted three days after the game’s debut. “Don’t give up no matter how hard it gets.” He then shared a link to a Bloomberg article from January detailing the company’s gaming woes.

New World is off to a “fantastic start,” according to the CEO, and SteamDB data reveal that the MMO has reached a high concurrent player count of over 900,000. Of course, there have been some difficulties with the game’s launch, as with any online game.

Despite the positive early signals, experts warn caution. “It’s way too early to say it’s a hit. It’s not a disaster, you could say,” said David Cole, an analyst at DFC Intelligence, which tracks the video game industry. “It’s not what we consider a huge game, in the sense that if it wasn’t Amazon, I don’t think you would be paying that much attention to it.”

The game is rated as excellent but not extraordinary by critics. PC Gamer stated, “I don’t know if I’m terribly bored or having a great time.” 

Players’ opinions are divided, according to over 77,000 Steam reviews, however the game received a torrent of critical remarks owing to long lines to access the online world.

New World had over 662,000 players playing at one point on Steam on Tuesday, roughly a week after its release, making it the most popular game by player count. Hundreds of thousands of people were watching it on Twitch.

Jassy, who took over from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earlier this year, believes the company can succeed in the games industry “if we hang in there.”

Prior to becoming CEO, Jassy was in charge of Amazon Web Services, which included the gaming section at one point. Jassy has “always been extremely supportive of us,” according to Hartmann.

Amazon’s games division was founded in 2012, thus it’s been over a decade since a successful video game was released. Part of the reason for this, according to Hartmann, is the time it takes to develop complicated online games, as well as recruit and establish a studio.

Referring to the Crucible and Breakaway struggles, Jassy said, “You’re going to have some games fail spectacularly.”

Amazon was reported earlier this year to be spending $500 million into its games division every year, with little return thus far. Despite this, Hartmann stated that the company had little chance of exiting the market.

“I have no indication that the company is getting tired of its gaming division, I just see support left and right.”

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