Going Pro in CS:GO: Several Quick Tips for Novices

With CS:GO prize pools constantly going up, it’s no doubt that so many people are trying to establish themselves in the competitive gaming ecosystem of Counter-Strike. Yet, to get there, you have to overcome some long odds, and not least those challengers that are already at the top tiers of the game. 

If you have bet through csgobettingz.com you know how many talented players there are out there and you surely know that getting to the very top yourself can be a bit of an uphill struggle. Yet, there are practical pieces of advice you may follow to really get there and we are very happy to offer you a bit of insight into all. 

#1 Create a Training Routine 

The first thing to do is create a great CS:GO routine. You want to adjust several things in your play. First, don’t play when most of the good players aren’t around. There is no need to do that. Some players “grind” early in the mornings, but this is when the pros are actually either sleeping or busy with life. You want to make sure your routine is in those hours when the most talented players are around.

#2 Learn from Your Mistakes

Playing hours on end would definitely be a good start, but you have to be critical of your gameplay. What did you do wrong, and how can you improve your game? Is there a way to perform better without relying too heavily on your teammates? There are many such questions that you ought to ask yourself in order to guarantee that you are continually improving in the game.

#3 Find Inspiration in the Best

Since there are great players out there already, you will notice that the best thing you can do to improve your own play is to follow their example. Many professionals will speak OPENLY about how they got to the top, and you can benefit by following their example. There is no need for you to be shy when you can learn from their experience. 

#4 Play Custom Maps

There are many custom maps these days that make it very easy for you to truly enjoy gaming, and so should you. They are not just about the fun, though. They are also about teaching you skills such as aiming, ducking, and even approaching the enemy’s base without getting detected.

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