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The FPS market is quite crowded on consoles so when you’re not one of the big boys like Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo it can be quite hard to stand out. Publisher Team17’s latest game from developer Black Matter is Hell Let Loose and it is a FPS that asks much more of the player than those other big name shooters. It’s the type of game that really requires teamwork to be enjoyable so if you’re the solo type you may not enjoy it.

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Hell Let Loose is a tactical first-person online World War II shooter where the aim is to really make you really feel like you are at war. Matches consist of 100 players with 50 on each side and they also ask for a lot of your time. This isn’t Call of Duty where you play squeeze a match or two in when you have a few minutes to play. No, matches in Hell Let Loose can go on for more than an hour in fact which is going to be something that turns a lot of players off. The lengthy matches do make it feel more realistic but the honest truth is not everyone will be able to dedicate that amount of time to play a single match. The game has two modes and nine maps to play on currently with the modes being Offensive and Warfare. There really isn’t a big difference between the modes as you will either be defending points on the map or working to capture them.

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While each team has 50 players, they are further divided up into individual teams and roles. You have your recon team, infantry team, and armour team and within each one you have different roles like Officer, Medic, Engineer, Scout, and so on. Each player has different weapons and gear and has to do their part for the team to succeed. If you’re a lone wolf type of player then I’ll go ahead and tell you that you won’t have a good time with this game. The game doesn’t have a tutorial to really teach you most of the ropes which is another barrier to entry but there is a field manual you can read through that will detail most of what you need to know.

To give you some examples of how important it is that everyone does their job I’ll detail some of the roles. The maps in this game are huge and if you die, you’re going to be sent back quite a way and have to run back to where you were. This can be helped by having a good Commander who is able to lay down spawn points across the map. Medics can heal you should you go down to also prevent you from having to make a long trip back. You can have your snipers picking off enemies but to make them more effective you’ll most likely want other players spotting enemies for them to shoot. If your rifleman run out of ammo you want to have others there dropping more so they can continue laying down fire. Everything in this game really depends on each team member doing their part and communicating effectively. If you’re worried about having enough players to play with then at least for now you shouldn’t. The game is free to PlayStation Plus members this month and the game supports Cross-Play across all platforms so both of those should help. I have run into some issues getting into a match at times but I think that has been more due to some server connectivity issues and not there being enough players online.

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I played the PlayStation 5 version for this review and visually the environments look very good. The team did a great job making you feel like you are in these war-torn battlefields. I did notice some pop-in that was a little distracting but it didn’t bother me too much. The audio design is also very well down and I highly recommend playing with headphones to make use of the 3D audio. If you’re a trophy hunter be prepared for a long haul on the road to this Platinum as you’ll be spending a long time trying to earn all 41 trophies within.

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Hell Let Loose is a different type of shooter from what most players will expect but one that is rewarding so long as you have proper teamwork. When you are on a team that is properly communicating and coordinating the feeling you get from this game is awesome. On the other hand, when you aren’t on one of those teams it can make it very easy to want to jump ship into one of the many other shooters available.

*Hell Let Loose is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. PlayStation 5 version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review.

Hell Let Loose





  • Authentic large scale battles
  • Very detailed visuals and fantastic audio design
  • Full cross-play support
  • Being on a team that is properly working together makes it feel very rewarding


  • Doesn't have much in the way of tutorials to teach you the ropes
  • Doesn't reward solo players
  • Doesn't really work when you don't have communication
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