3 Must-Have Qualities When Designing a Video Game

There are more video games in the market today than ever before. With technology advancements and growing demand for the industry, video games have continued to be a crucial part of today’s culture. These games offer players an opportunity to escape into another world and immerse themselves in characters for a short time.

While there may be millions of video games circulating, that doesn’t mean they’re all created equal. Certain games are far more popular than others, but there are key reasons as to why. Many developers have figured out the characteristics and components their games need to incorporate in order to draw in an audience.

These helpful tips and tricks can help you lay down the proper foundation, so you can build a game of your own that will stand out in the market.

1.    The Story

Storylines aren’t just for films and television programs. When it comes to video games, the story is essential. Great stories are the cornerstone for enticing a player into the world you’ve created, and your story will go hand=in-hand with quality graphics — more on that later.

When it comes to designing your own game, it’s important to consider if the reality you’ve created is dependent on a storyline. Is there an end goal for the characters? Do players need to know their backstory? Are you creating a single or multiplayer game? This is important to consider since single-player games often incorporate more story-based content to offset the lack of other players to interact with.

2.    The Graphics

As promised, it’s time to talk about graphics. Graphics are undeniably important because they’re what the player sees when they’re immersed in the game. Your graphics include everything from the background, your characters, and the details players don’t often think of consciously, like the lighting. Realistic and quality-made graphics will help keep your players engaged and are a great way to show off your artistic abilities. Content creators and video game reviewers like Azzyland know just how important compelling graphics are, which is why they base much of their content on trying out some of the industry’s most talked-about games.

3.    Risks & Rewards

The phrase ‘high risk, high reward’ can apply to many things, and video games are no exception. As players begin to immerse themselves in the world you’ve created, they’re looking at the types of obstacles they have to overcome and comparing them to the rewards they’ll receive.

If your players have to jump through hoops to rescue another character or to reach the highest level of the game, your rewards need to match the level of effort these risks will take — otherwise, you run the risk of players losing interest or becoming frustrated with your game.


While there is no concrete, one-size-fits-all formula for creating video games, these key components are essential — no matter how you divide them. As you begin to develop your virtual world, consider how your story, graphics, and player dynamics will affect the overall end goal of your game. With these in mind, you have a greater chance of building something players will genuinely enjoy.

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