How do Slingo Developers Ensure that they Will Reach a Wide Audience?

With Slingo being a relatively new game on the block, it’s astonishing that it has managed to boom and rival slots in such a short space of time. There has clearly been some shrewd marketing involved, and developers of the games have chosen themes that they know are going to appeal to the masses. Slingo has helped drive the online bingo industry forward, and the genre looks set to continue flourishing in the future.

What is Slingo?

No prizes for guessing what two games Slingo is a portmanteau of. The game is designed to appeal to fans of both slots and bingo, as it combines them in a new and thrilling way. Slingo games tend to be found at online bingo sites and may have originated as a gateway to bingo games for people who are not yet interested in the online ball draw. However, Slingo has gone on to become a hugely successful genre, and it now appears to be expanding and following the trajectory of slots.

People who want to experience Slingo simply need to choose a game that suits their taste and start spinning the reels. Numbers spin into view and are eliminated from the player’s bingo card. Players will usually find these titles among slot games at a bingo site, but now they are growing in stature they can often be discovered in their own separate section of a site.

Slingo Offerings use Themes Found in Other Areas of Gaming

Judging by the themes available in Slingo games, developers appear to be trying to market the offerings to gamers who enjoy titles in other offshoots of the gaming industry. For example, Slingo Berserk is a Viking-themed option that could have been inspired by the recent rise of games based on the Norse seafarers in other areas of gaming. God of War and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla have both attracted a lot of players in recent times, with combined sales of more than 20 million between them.

Roman-themed offerings are prevalent across the entertainment industry as well, and Slingo Centurion: Maximus Winnus is designed to tap into the demographic interested in the legendary conquerors. People who enjoyed HBO’s Rome, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, or Creative Assembly’s Total War: Rome would be endeared to the Slingo title from Gaming Realms.

Other Slingo offerings seek to allure television fans. For example, Deal or No Deal Slingo and Slingo Britain’s Got Talent are both inspired by two of the world’s most beloved reality television series. Using the famous logos also means the games have the familiarity factor that is so crucial to gaining players’ attention.

While Slingo has been used as a vehicle to getting players into online bingo, it should also be noted that the growing success of the bingo industry is helping people discover Slingo as well. The genre has become an integral part of online bingo sites, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see online casinos begin to offer it as its player base continues to grow.

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