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When it comes to PlayStation VR games that I’ve played developer ARVORE has created two of my favorites so far. Their two Pixel Ripped titles really stood out to me and so naturally any game they would release after that would be on my radar. That next game is now out and it’s a fusion of both the bullet-hell and roguelike genres called YUKI. Does YUKI join the two Pixel Ripped titles as must-play PlayStation VR games or is it passable?

The story in YUKI is all about a child’s imagination. Many of us were there as kids playing with a favorite toy and imagining all kinds of adventures that the particular toy would go on. In YUKI, a young girl loves an anime character called Yuki The Space Ranger. She opens a box and pulls out a toy of Yuki and then the imagination kicks in.

You’ll be using two PlayStation Move controllers to play Yuki on PlayStation VR and I was very pleased with what the developer went with here. The left Move controller controls what looks like a metal orb with cat ears that is used to pick up things like power-ups that bullet hell games usually are full of. The right Move controller is used to move Yuki, aim, and shoot. It’s very intuitive and very smooth making it easy to move Yuki around. Much like many games in this genre though it won’t be easy as the screen is full of items, enemies, particles, and more almost at all times. Make sure you have plenty of room around you while playing as I was waving my arms around as if I was really holding and moving Yuki around in my hands.

With YUKI also being part roguelike, you will die a lot and have to start over. There are persistent upgrades here though that you can purchase with the money you earn during your runs. Being able to purchase new weapons or upgrades for them along with gaining more health helped make me feel like I was getting better even though I was having to start over when I died. Speaking of dying, I did feel like sometimes I would just get dealt a really bad hand in my run and had no chance at all of surviving. This is a common issue I’ve encountered in similar roguelike games and it always bums me out when it feels like I died due to bad luck rather than because my skills just weren’t good enough.

Visually YUKI is a very colorful and pretty game. The anime roots are very apparent here and just being in virtual reality and trying to dodge all these incoming colorful attacks and enemies is a blast. Some of the enemy design leaves something to be desired but the boss battles are the highlights. The soundtrack is also very relaxing and blends in with the action going on on-screen. If you’re a trophy hunter I have some bad news for you and that’s that YUKI doesn’t have a Platinum trophy to earn. You get 12 trophies in total with all of them being earnable by beating the game and beating it with different weapons. After this developer seemed to listen and give Pixel Ripped 1995 a Platinum it’s a bit sad to see them take a step back on the trophies and leave a Platinum trophy out again.

YUKI isn’t as strong a game as ARVORE’s Pixel Ripped series but I still think it’s one of the better PlayStation VR games we’ve seen in 2021. It’s a smooth controlling bullet hell/roguelike game complimented by some strong art and music. It may not have a ton to see but if it gets its hooks in you you’ll be sticking around for quite awhile trying to get in just one more run.

*YUKI is available now on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. PlayStation VR version reviewed. Review copy provided by the publisher for this review. ThisGenGaming is an official partner of vrgamecritic.com where you can find all of our PlayStation VR reviews.






  • Addictive and fun bullet hell roguelike gameplay
  • Easy and intuitive control system
  • Rewarding even when you die
  • Great art direction and soundtrack


  • Outside of the bosses, the enemy design isn't great
  • Doesn't take long to play through the six levels

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