4 Ways to Create an Inclusive Gaming Space

Whether designing a video game or building a community, a focus on diversity and inclusivity is important. Over the past decade, games have seen an influx of people who adore the colours, the stories, and the problem-solving demands, which has proved that you can enjoy a game no matter who you are. But, there are still some gamers that are stuck in the past and believe people are invading their space. This is an attitude that needs to change, and it begins with creating inclusive gaming spaces. 

Start Your Own Server 

If you’re tired of stealing with ineffective administrators and too much vitriol for a lifetime, look at how a cheap VPS can vastly improve your gaming experience, and other people’s gaming experience, too. 

Leaving your current digital home can be scary, but it is often the only way for you to get the gaming experience you crave and, more importantly, deserve. If enough people follow suit, you will have a strong community that will be supportive. 

 Make Your Rules Clear 

Outlining clear and easy-to-follow rules are the first step towards creating an inclusive gaming experience for guests and members. These rules should highlight what is acceptable and what is not, as otherwise there is a considerable risk of the space devolving into chaos before you get the chance to enjoy it for what it should be. 

Consider all the typical rules that people should live by, such as no abuse of any kind, and remind everyone why they have come to this space, to begin with. This should attract gamers that matter and will hopefully keep any gamers who won’t follow the rules away. 

Pay Close Attention to Moderation 

However, this is not always the case, and even outlining rules can be a futile effort. Often, people don’t even read the rules of community forums or servers, and they may make mistakes innocently, such as sending links to unauthorized websites, no matter how generic they are. 

There will also be some people who want to cause trouble, and as a moderator, it’s on you to prevent these people from swarming the space. You can also set up an auto moderator to delete posts or even ban members that breach your assigned rules. 

Get Legitimized 

As a small server, you might struggle to market yourself, which means those who need you most may not be able to find you. You can overcome this by working towards something akin to AbleGamers’ certification program, which provides legitimacy and proves that your gaming space meets all required inclusivity demands. 

This is something that not all server hosts know about, so seeking it out could help you establish your space as the place to be for those looking for something better than what they have already. 

Welcome All 

Playing with the same people every week or seeing the same ages, races, and body types in games is bound to get boring, especially when you consider how diverse the planet is. If you are tired of feeling unwelcome in some spaces, you and any like-minded gamers can work on creating an inclusive space for everyone who feels the same. With this, you can take steps towards joining similar spaces looking towards the same goal.

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