Hot gaming surprises we had in 2021

Although this year was difficult, video game fans had little to complain about. Not only were there many outstanding games, but also two new consoles. There were many events!

Developers are slowly releasing exclusive consoles while the world is trying desperately to purchase them. Many high-profile releases have been delayed until 2022 because they aren’t still quite ready to be tested on these consoles. It was, objectively speaking, not very interesting. Every month, something new appeared and outstanding franchises that have been around for decades reminded again of their past. Let’s recall all the interesting games we were able to play. We still haven’t mastered the new online casino games that have been quite a hit too with their crazy jackpots, but nonetheless, here are the top 5 best surprises for gamers this year :

5. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was the biggest surprise of the year. This was largely due to drastically lowered expectations. After last year’s failure with “Avengers”, players were very critical of all Marvel projects, except “Spider-Man”, which did not make them happy. The first trailer also didn’t help.

4. Bowser’s Fury Bowser’s Fury borrows a lot of Super Mario 3D World’s gameplay but gives you more freedom. This world is full-fledged, open, and has its own secrets and great boss battles. This is easily the most disturbing Mario game. It’s almost perfect as a platformer. It’s also great for the company because you can play together even in “auxiliary” mode.

3. Halo Infinite was not a top-rated Microsoft game for some time. But, this changed in 2021. Slowly but surely, the American giant is still going to release 2 very interesting video games. Many of these were worthy and worthy of the prefix “very”. 

2. Deathloop – We quickly discovered that Deathloop wasn’t what we expected when it finally arrived. This is not a multiplayer shooter. It’s a story-based game, in the best tradition of the studio. However, there are some interesting interludes of the network element. Thanks to the outstanding acting of Colt, the story stayed with me for a while. Deathloop’s unique style and spirit of the sixties make it stand out from all others. The best part is that the developers were able to turn the entire genre upside down again.

1. Ratchet & Clank Rift – Apart I hear the indignant cries of the commentators already,

games we have played have had as much impact as the PS5 flagship release. It promised to prove why it was worth the investment. Ratchet & Clank: Rift – Apart has become an amazing continuation of the franchise, which ages back to a decade ago. Ever since the PS2, it has evoked comparisons with Pixar cartoons, and no matter what console it came out on, it always managed to impress with graphics and gameplay.

2022 is on the doors and will definitely hold some busters that gamers should look up to!

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