How to spot a mobile online casino scam

If you look at today’s online casino industry, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the offer is huge. The number of online casinos is getting bigger on a daily basis and although that’s generally a good thing, it’s also problematic in the way that there is plenty of room for scams to act.

Not all of these casinos are fair and honest. Many of them tend to trick players in different ways, starting from hiding certain information, personal data theft and similar things. Of course, the best piece of advice we can give is to stick with renowned names in the business but things aren’t always that simple.

Sometimes, we want to try something new. We want to try a new casino, mainly because of the fact that new players in the game are usually more generous with offers. Simply, that’s the way they fight for the position on the market. It’s okay to try some of these new casinos, but it’s also important to know a couple of tricks that can help you recognize if a certain online casino is a scam.

Personal Data

The first and most important rule for everyone on the internet is to keep personal data safe. Therefore, make sure to play only at online casinos that have secured websites. For beginners, those would be the websites with addresses that start with “https” instead of just “http”. That “s” letter stands for “secure”.


Also, it’s vastly important not to share sensitive information with websites. Modern online casinos do all this automatically, thanks to advanced safety protocol. On the other hand, a scam casino would probably ask you to provide personal data like social security numbers, ID numbers, or detailed bank information. That’s the last thing you want to do.

Slow Withdrawal Process

This is another clear indicator of a scam. If a withdrawal process takes more than a couple of days, it’s quite obvious that something is wrong. Therefore, make sure to choose only those online casinos that support various kinds of withdrawal methods. This should include various online services, such as PayPal, which are pretty much proof that a certain online casino is legal.

Too Generous Bonuses

Another reason to avoid a certain online casino is a bonus that sounds too good to be true. If you have at least some experience in playing online, you’ve probably noticed that, even though casinos offer different promotions, these deals end in the same thing and they aren’t particularly generous. For example, welcome bonuses usually come with pretty high wagering requirements that make them pretty much useless.

Therefore, if you see a bonus offer that’s way more generous compared to what you get from other houses, be very careful. There is probably something scammy in that offer.

Lack of Information About Games

This is a pretty clear indicator too. Most casinos proudly advertise themselves, especially when it comes to game providers and RTP. If that’s not the case with the casino you’re checking, be sure that something’s wrong.

Simply, every casino that cares about its reputation will proudly advertise games that come from major providers, such as Microgaming or NetEnt for example. If you see a list of games without reputable providers, there’s a chance that you won’t have a fair chance of winning.


An RTP, which stands to “Return to Player” is one of the most important things to have in mind. Online casinos usually clearly display it for every game. A scam would probably try to avoid that. Even if they do, it can be displayed in a pretty odd way, or the RTP could be very low. By low, we mean everything that’s way below average. For reference, modern games have pretty high RTP that usually goes between 94% and 98%.

Customer Support

Although it may not seem like that, customer support is one of the most important parts of every online casino. A serious firm tends to have excellent communication with its clients and therefore, we expect the same from an online casino. Every decent online casino offers at least a couple of ways you can contact support. That could be through live chat, telephone, email etc.

If a certain casino doesn’t have these things on offer, we would recommend you avoid them. Therefore, when you’re reading online casino reviews, don’t skip the section about customer support.


Those would be some of the most obvious indicators of an online casino scam. However, keep in mind that, as the internet is evolving, scams are evolving too. They are figuring out new methods of cheating people, so make sure to make a detailed check of every online casino you want to play.

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