All in Casino Girls Review (Nintendo Switch)

Today, we’re taking a break from reviewing the latest and greatest triple A titles to look at a little game called All in Casino Girls for the Nintendo Switch. The game is essentially a straightforward slots game like you would find in one of the many online casinos, except you don’t lose all your savings if things don’t go your way. Sounds interesting? Keep on reading to find out what All in Casino Girls is all about.  


All in Casino Girls was released on November 19th of 2021 exclusively through the Nintendo eShop and was developed by Marionette Games and published by Prison Games. It does not have any local or online multiplayer support but it does enable you to save your game data to the Cloud if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership. You can choose to play in either TV mode, Tabletop mode or Handheld mode. Perhaps one of the best things about Casino Girls, is its low price as of right now it will only cost you a measly $1.99.


When starting the game, it’s pretty apparent that Marionette Games didn’t have enough budget to implement an engaging story into All in Casino Girls as there is none to be found. From the main menu, you can select one of the levels that you have unlocked so far, visit the Gallery to purchase new outfits for your spicy female sidekick or view your personal bests in Highscores. There are 10 different unique levels to unlock in total and 7 outfits you can collect for your companion.       


As slots games aren’t really known for their high skill requirements and basically come down to the player placing their wager, pulling the lever and hoping they get lucky, that’s also what you’ll mostly be doing in All in Casino Girls. You simply select the number of lines and your lines bet amount, and press the Spin button to start the game.

You can also use the Max Bet button to auto bet the maximum amount for each spin or hold the Spin button to turn on the Auto Spin mode, which means the game will automatically keep spinning the reels for you until you turn it off or run out of funds. Lastly, when the player’s ‘prestige’, which is essentially just your level, is greater than or equal to the bet amount, the spin is free! So if you’re prestige level 10 and you’re betting $10 per spin, each spin is on the house.


What All in Casino Girls is lacking in terms of a story, in-depth gameplay mechanics and variety of what it has to offer, it makes up for in price. If this was a $60 game, we would be telling you to stay as far away from it as possible, but it’s not. With a price tag of only 2 bucks, which is the price of your average mobile game, you really can’t go wrong here.

Sure, it’s not the prettiest game we’ve ever played on the Switch, but it doesn’t have the price of one either. Plus, it doesn’t require you to pull out your credit card every 5 seconds because you ran out of lives or want to unlock more content. With All in Casino Girls, you get what you pay for, and sometimes that’s all you need.

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