Looking For a New World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch: New Data

Fans all around the world are waiting for the date when they will be able to see the update and learn about the last section, which will conclude the plot’s storyline. The release date is yet uncertain, but users are excitedly skimming through news stories to get a behind-the-scenes look at what’s in this update.

In this article, we have collected a portion of the new details and updates that will appear in the new game patch.

New Mount for the New Raid Meta-Achievement

The appearance of new mounts in the game is a special event that many players are waiting for. This update will be no exception, as gamers will be able to see a new mount that will greatly please them.

The new mount will only become available by earning a meta-achievement for completing the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. Upon completing the “Glory of the Sepulcher Raider” achievement, you’ll see a new vehicle that looks like a medusa. However, such a vehicle is not something new for fans of the game, since such a unique mount can be seen in the Ny’alotha raid, after clearing Mythic mode.

We can describe its look as having practically translucent tentacles that are shielded by armor. This vehicle was once employed to defend the Sepulcher, but it has now finished its duty and may serve any gamer.

However, getting this mount will not be as easy as it might seem. In the raid, you will have to face 11 bosses. By defeating each of them you will be able to get one achievement, which is needed to get the meta-achievement. Defeating the bosses can take a lot of your time and effort. If you want to deal with each of them faster and get a new mount, then you should use SotFO normal carry, thanks to which you can get new achievements, loot, and equipment.

The Appearance of Snail Mounts

To everyone’s surprise, new mount models will also be available in the new update. Players will be able to watch the appearance of at least 4 new types of mountable snails. Gamers will be able to see an unusual trick that snails will perform, which is that they will be able to hide in their shells.

To get a new type of vehicle, you will need to visit a new location, which will become available in the update. In a new location called Zeret Mortis, you will need to fulfill some conditions to get a new vehicle. However, not much is known at the moment. We only know that to get a Snail mount, you will need to have the Protoform Synthesis profession or so-called skill to craft mounts.

Many expect that in the future it will be possible to collect transport ingredients in the open world, and then create them regardless of the two main professions chosen.

Druid Glyph of the Cheetah Update

To the delight of many users, the new update will see how the famous “Mark of the Cheetah” of the druids, which caused the laughter of many players due to the quality of the model, will receive an updated look.

The new expansion will also see a host of new Druid-themed and covenant-themed travel forms. Such forms can be created by characters that have the “Inscription” crafting profession. 

Interaction between Members of Different Factions

Over the years, a large number of users have expressed their opposition to excessive strictness and regulations that ban contact and interaction between the characters of the factions. Such prohibitions restricted gamers’ behavior and prohibited friends from playing together. Furthermore, most players said that their side provided them with less opportunity to play in a group than they would want. Such disadvantages were frequently explained by a desire to retain one of the game’s fundamental ideas. However, things have changed.

The producing team finally listened to the petitions and pleadings of players all around the world and began working on introducing the option to gather groups of players who would be members of different factions at the same time. Afterward, you’ll be able to embark on raids, explore dungeons, and compete in fights.

Specialists are redesigning the game to provide players with the ability to break free from the constraints of contact with other gamers as soon as possible. However, such changes cannot be implemented quickly, because the scale is enormous. In this regard, players will need to first enjoy the update of the game, which will be released very soon, and in the next update, everyone will be able to see this feature.

When developing this concept, the developers paid special attention to several details:

  • First and foremost, emphasis was placed on the gameplay, which is related to the completion of different tasks, participation in organized conflicts, and so on.  To take part in such playing activities, it is required to discover and assemble team members ahead of time, which is why the obstacles stopped the participants from completely enjoying the game.
  • Secondly, such an option will be included in the play, and any individual will be able to take advantage of it if he desires. If a user wishes to battle with a team from the same faction, he or she is free to do so.

To achieve these objectives, specialists created a detailed structure:

  • If a player is on the list of friends, everyone will be able to welcome a character from a hostile group to their team.
  • In the case when groups are formed randomly, then only members of one faction will fall into it, as it was before. The same goes for creating guilds, where only members of the same faction will still be able to participate.
  • During raids, it will be possible to see how members of different factions will stop showing aggression towards each other. Instead, users will be able to provide support and assistance to representatives of another faction. Players will be able to help in battle, exchange loot, and also receive joint achievements.


The upcoming update, which will be the final part of Shadowlands, is preparing a lot of amazing events, innovations, as well as rewards and achievements. Players will have to fight 11 bosses, after defeating which it will be possible to get a new mount. In addition, gamers will see new snails to ride and an update to the form of druids.

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